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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day29 - RIP Janet Stockwell

I debated posting about Janet's Dolls, but she was clearly one of my favorite doll makers in quarter scale.   Janet and I were in a couple different online miniature groups and and when she started making them, I thought - what the hell, I'll buy one or two.   I've do believe I ended up with 20 some odd of  them.   I loved them and still do.   I also want to point out that sometimes you don't want to put off buying those things you like.   Janet passed away in 2013 and I treasure her creations all the more.   Here's to you Janet, you and your talent are missed.
I used Janet's dolls in my French New Orleans' shop.  You can see the original post Here
I did a diner with her dolls.  My husband saw it and said where is the waitress.   You can see that post Here   My husband was right, it looked better with a bar customer and a waitress. 

I also used her dolls in my Italian Restaurant.   She was always very helpful.   I wanted a siting doll for the inside table.   She fixed him us immediately.   Looks like a great time at the restaurant.  
You can see the total blog Here

I also used her dolls in a QS Halloween Scene.   I needed kids in costumes and she was very helpful.
You can see the original post Here

Sorry about the blurry picture of the inside.   Those are the adults who will be passing out the candy to those little costumed kids on the front walk.

Well, I accounted for 15 of her dolls.    I'm not out.   Here are some of the remainders. 

You can see some of the others Here  I will let you click and see them in the blog.    I miss her and her work; but I cherish her dolls all the more.  

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