Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday - No. 5

Bumper crop of yard sales today.   Advertising on 3 and there turned out to be 5.

I can home with a whole bunch of items: I got a picture frame that holds 2 photos; a covered jar, 2 bags of plastic lemons (never opened); 1 plates, two bowls, vase, and a rustic pumpkin.   Spent a whopping total of $6.25.   Hot bad price for a morning of entertainment.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

1/12 Reading Room

Last year at the Lakeland Fun Day, I won one of the door prizes.  That was so much fun and you can see that post Here .   I also purchased a man doll who was busy reading and had a whole assortment of books to read. I bought the man doll from Susan Johnson and she makes very good dolls and I have several of them now.
The scene is created in a candle holder.   I've never used it with a candle.   I removed the metal candle base and wallpapered the back wall.   Added a little dog who thought the woman wanted her slipper.   Instead, she wanted the hubby to quit reading so they could go out to a fancy dinner.   I covered the top of the candle box with Plexiglas to keep the dust out.   

Love this little scene and with limited items, you can really concentrate on the characters.  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday - No. 4

Oh, Boo Hoo - I didn't get to any yard sales yesterday.   None in my neighborhood and I had to get ready for a meeting that I was the president of the group.   Couldn't shrug off my responsibility.   However, I decided to make something from previous yard sale finds.   Not exactly the same thing - but close enough.

The candle stick was a yard sale purchase for $1 or less.   I don't pay over $1 for any candle vase because there are so many on the market.   The jar was from a yard sale.   I don't know why I  bought it; just liked its looks.   The lid is from ????   Don't remember.   The knob is from Home Depot.   Bought it.   Love the glitz and glam of it.    The only part that was painted was the base of the candle stick and the lid.   Glued the jar to the candle stick; added the knob to the lid;   ADDED CANDY!!!!.   You have to have candy in a candy dish.   Maybe next week I'll find an actual yard sale.    


Love this candy dish!!! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bedroom - 1/12 scale

I love bedrooms.   They are my favorite room to decorate in any scale, 1/4, 1/12 or real life.    Here is my latest one.   These items have been set aside for some time and I added a few items, took a few items out and all-in-all, I love this bedroom.
I display them in basketball cases.   I only paper one wall and the floor so you have a great view from 3 sides and the top. 
Miss Priss is getting ready to go on a trip.   Suitcase is packed, she's dressed and as soon as she leaves food out for the cat, she'll be ready to leave.   She's celebrating her birthday and she got the lovely yellow roses.   She thinks she will just take them with her.  
 Above is a coat on a coat rack at the edge of the room.   She isn't taking it; she's wearing her fur.   Gives her such a fancy feeling when she wears her fur stole.
 The vanity next to the bed is realitively neat even with all the getting ready.   The pictures are relatives and she loves them.  
I alsolutely love this bedroom.   Makes me want to work on my real life bedroom.  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday - No 3

I know yesterday was Friday, but I went yard sale-ing.    It was so fun.   I have friends that when they set up for the sale, they do so on Friday and you can buy as they set up things.   I bought a big blue vase, a cut glass cruet vase, an oil lamp (need these during Hurricane Season  -  which we entered on June 1st and which runs thru November 30), a lamp shade (think I will make a hanging lamp from this) and a little colander.   Didn't need the colander, but it is so cute.   Need had really nothing to do with purchases at a yard sale.   

The cruet vase doesn't have a stopper, but maybe I'll find one of them the next time I go to a yard sale.

This morning I thought I would check out another yard sale in my neighborhood.   I found this wonderful rose/heart shaped mirror; a towel bar and a little plastic box that will help with organizing my jewelry stuff.  

I just love yard sales.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

JUNE OMB - QS Christmas Scene

Well, finally all 4 seasons are done.   If you remember right I posted a convention project and it was a summer porch.   After acquiring 3 more containers  I decided I  would do fall, spring, and finally winter.   I feel really good about the projects being done.   The online group that I belong to, Quarter Connection, has been a real motivator for me to finish projects.   One project a month is not too difficult if you apply your time. 



So you can see the others without looking for them.

I have really enjoyed doing these projects.   I like they way they turned out and it is a pleasure to display them.    Next month, stay tuned for another finished project.   Don't know what yet, but it will come to me soon.