Re-exploring Key West

Friday, June 23, 2017

Lakeland Miniature Show - Class - Mad Hatter Tea Party Table

Yesterday I drove from Key West to Lakeland.   Met up with some friends and we had dinner.   Early this morning - 8 am to be exact - our Mad Hatter Class started.   There were 10 of us.   It was an all day class.   We made all the things on the table except, of course, the tea set and plates and cups.   Made little sandwiches and sweets.   Lots of each.     

Lots of classes to choose from.    Since I could only attend one, I had to buy a Raggedy Ann Kit.   Can't leave Raggedy Ann out of the scheme of things. 


Here is a picture of the little scones we made.   Being a bit of an over-achiever, I made 8 of them - all you needed was four so I have extras to use.

Here is the picture of the finished product.  Oops - I don't have the two napkins on the table but will try to make better ones before I glue them on the table.  Don't want to have to scrape them off.  

 Don't you just love it.   When I perfect the napkins, they will go in the one empty space in the front of the table.  

Tomorrow is Fun Day and we will be doing a lady's desk with accessories.   31 people are signed up and it should be great fun!!!!  

Stay tuned for more pictures.  

Added the napkins.    They had another type of napkin done in the class but I went back to my old favorite.   

My sister gave me this dome some time ago and I decided it would be a perfect way to display my lovely Mad Hatter's Table.