Re-exploring Key West

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Re-exploring your town. - Key West revisited- June 2017 - The Custom House

I've lived in Key West over 23 year and it has changed a lot in those years.   A lot more people with traffic and busier life styles.  They had when I came here and they still have so many things for tourists to do and see.   They have lots of museums and a Friend, Margaret Gil, and I decided we would re -tour the museums in town.   In some cases it has been years and years (if ever) that we stepped foot in some of these.   I did a lot of touring of these museums when my son was still at home.   He was almost 9 when we moved here and with school events and scouting events, we managed to tour most of them.

Margaret and I decided we would go to The Custom House first.   They had a new exhibit about the Navy's presence in Key West.   We thought that sounded great.

Hope the pictures make you want to tour The Custom House too.   Don't want to post too many to spoil your visit.

In addition to the Navy exhibit - they have exhibits on Ernest Hemingway, the Civil War in the Keys and Mario Sanchez art to name a few.   A little taste of those exhibits.

Don't forget the sculptures as you enter and exit the Museum.  Really lovely.   

Friday, July 14, 2017

June and July OMB market stalls

You might remember that in June I was at the Lakeland miniature guild fun day and was working on my projects for a OMB.  That stands for one a month bunch.   You see it results in more finished projects

Here we are at the end of June.  

 Cute huh?

Here the are today.   

Christmas stall

The Plant Guy stall


The cake stall

Now I have to find the quarter scale coffee cups.  Really small cups so it might be more fun to just buy more!

On to the last stall.  If ain't junk if somebody wants it market stall.  Words to live by.  

These were so much fun.  Now what will it be in August?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lakeland Miniature Guild - Fun Day

I very seldom finish off a project this quickly.   Generally they
sit around for awhile and then I get the mad urge to finish it.   Well today the urge hit and I finished my project.  

   Lovely lantern with lots of stuff

Lots of stuff on the desk.    Also a snack that I think will be enjoyed along with reliving a past experience with the love letters on the chair.

A lovely top not on the lantern.   Lovely flowers!!

Lakeland Miniature Guild always have great events.   Unfortunately I missed their Fun Day last year, but oh so happy to be back to enjoying it this year.   Love the trip.   Take 27 hwy up thru the middle of the state and enjoy the scenery.   I also enjoy Michaels at Sebring and Hobby Lobby when I get to Lakeland.  

Looking forward to next year when they do a Christnas theme.   I don't think you can have too many Christmas theme projects.   

Monday, July 3, 2017

April birthday swap - oh boy I'm losing my mind.

I am the swap coordinator for the birthday swap for Swap Shop.  We didn't have very many participants but I was sure to mark all the birthdays and mail dates on my calendar.  We have a birthday at the end of this month and I'm getting ready to mail the gifts.

Laying in bed this morning I couldn't remember what I got for my April birthday.  Why oh why not??  Apparently I'm losing my mind.  When I opened the box where all the swaps are waiting until their mail date, what did I find?   I found my swap.  A great big thank you to Fern, Barb, Laurie and Adrian.  Sorry to be so late.  

I got great items.  Thanks again.