Re-exploring Key West

Friday, October 18, 2019


Today’s collection focuses on ELEPHANTS!!!!   I love elephants!
This collection started about 52 years ago. When Ron and I were married,He had 2 elephants and I had 1; and after displaying them on our coffee table I got lots of elephants for Christmas along without statements like “I saw your collection!”   It was born.  

Most of my elephants!

Burial urn.  Do you have one in your collection???

Cigarette holder. Really popular in the twenties 

Box with broken trunk.  Little carved stamp done years ago. 

Another cigarette holder. 

Rusty elephant with elephant eye staring at you 

Table and stool

Another table

Table on elephant rug.  

Come back. 


What does a collector collect?    If it is me, I collect a LOT.   Today I am listing collections and I will start posting pictures—collection by collection!!!

Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. 
Dolls including brides, boy dolls and others.
Depression glass.
Crystal & glass candle holders
Reagan items
Snow men
Miniatures 1/4 and 1/12 scale
Paintings many I’ve done and many purchased.

Stay tuned!!!!