Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paint Studio in a Paint Can

I am working on a craft room and  fully intended to do a paint section in it.   Didn't work, no matter how I arranged it.   The craft room is still a work in process, but once I gave up on the paint scene, I decided one of my clear paint cans would be a perfect setting for a paint studio.   This scene is in 1/12 scale.   It has copies of 3 of my original oil paintings, several blank canvasses ready to be turned into creations.   The table is full of great paint supplies as is the box on the lower shelf.   A little bit of paint splattered on the floor, but that's what happens in a paint studio.   Stay tuned because the craft room is rapidly getting to a 'get it done' phase.   I also lighted the can with a LED light.   That's the little button on top.   Makes it much easier to see everything.  

Atrium in Quarter Scale

In July, I attended the Lakeland Miniature Show and attended several workshops.   Your've seen the pictures of the Fun Day Bedroom  - here's the link if you can't remember that post.

I attended the workshop by Ron of Ron's Miniatures in Orlando Florida.   It was this cute little atrium.    I think it needs a wizard, but so far haven't found one in quarter scale that I think would work in it.  

Garden Shed in Quarter Scale

 It is a cute little shed.   I fits on a 4x6 inch frame.   Very small but lots of accessories.   I had to add some separate things (a dog, duck, other printie accessories).   It was a very easy kit to put together and still has rooms to add more things when I find them.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacations are great!

I think I came back from vacation more tired than when I left home.   However, I don't care because I had a great time.   My husband has been wanting to go to Idaho for years.   Why?  Don't really know, but he has talked about it for years.    I wasn't really thrilled with the choice, but decided I might as well get into it.   Getting to Idaho from Key West is no small accomplishment.   On August 5th we left Key west early in the morning and arrived at Salt Lake City Airport, late afternoon.   Rented a car and proceeded to find our hotel (thank you Garmin).   We spent from Friday afternoon until Sunday around noon in Salt Lake City.   It is an incredibley clean town.    We saw the Great Salt Lake and most of the down town area.   We also saw all the down town area.   Nice stop on the way to Idaho. 

On our way to Ketchum Idaho

Another Mountain road.

A long way from the mountains, but they are beautiful to look at from quite a distance.

A bird in the Boise Airport - do you think he was waiting for  a flight????

Too bad I'm not into white water rafting - lots of opportunities for that.

Water, Mountains and Pine Trees - who could ask for more.  
On Sunday we went to Boise Idaho.   A quick little flight.   We also rented a car there.   We saw all the downtown area (lots of nice eating establlishments), the zoo and spent two days driving around the mountains.   One day we covered about 400 miles and the other nearly as much.   Had a really great time and saw some absolutely incredible views.