Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July OMB - Second Hand Rose Antiques and Collectibles

I've been doing a Quarter Scale project per month for quite some time.   Last month, I was one of 3 that received a prize of 3 quarter scale kits for our partricipation in the projects.   Get something done and get rewarded for it.   NICE!

Kit is from B J Miniatures in Sandy Utah  

If you have been following my posts, you know I love antique shops.   Here is another one.

This was a really easy project.   I also have lots of stuff for antique shops.   Very Fun!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Orleans - Day 6 and 7

Today we walked to Jackson Square - AGAIN.   It's really not too far but seems like forever for Ron with his cane.   I must say he is doing really well but according to him, not well enough.   We went to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and they were fanstastic as always!!!!   On our way there, we stopped for a bloody mary but decided to try an Irish Coffee.   I haven't had an Irish Coffee in probably 15 years.   Forgot how very good they are.   Not too many ways to improve Coffee, but Irish Coffee is doing an upstanding job.

What a great day.  

Spent the afternoon at the pool.  I must say the majority of the people at the pool were in the age range of 30 - 35.   Apparently there   is not a money shortage in that age group.   That's okay.  I enjooyed watching them.   I totally enjoyed tthe day.   

We went back to  Desire for dinner.   We split a fried seafood platter and had shrimp, oysters, crab  cake, catfish with french fries and cole slaw.   One platter was plenty for 2 people .   Plenty of food and very good wine.     Totally enjoyed the dinner.   Not too busy and the service was fantastiic.   

I am always anxious to get home.  Stopped by front desk to see how to get a taxi for 5:30.  (Bourbon street is blocked off at night so taxis pick you up in the underground garage. ).  When we got to lobby our driver was there.    

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Orleans day 4

Today we spent a lot of the day just chillin.   We had our usual Almond  Croissant (I told you I was addicted) and coffee.   Went to the pool early.   It was wonderful.  Lots of people using the pool.

While we were at the pool, we could tell they had cleaned the room because the drapes were drawn over the French doors.  A little bit later Ron decided to go to the room.   I knew the minute he got there that the cleaning staff  had locked and latched the French Doors.   Here he comes hobbling back to the pool, down 10 stairs.   I had to go thru the other entrance, take the elevator to my floor, walk to the room on the other side of the hotel, open the French Door and go back to the pool.   The French doors weren't locked when we checked into the room; why they would do that on the pool side is beyond me.    Hopefully it won't happen again.    

 Didn't do too much during the day.   Took a nap.   Decided we would go to Mr. B's Bistro.  Owned by one of the Brennan siblings.   IT was an absolutely wonderful restaurants.   Lots of people, great food, great service.    Ron and I split the appetizer and it was deep fried oysters on the half shell.   Ron and I nearly inhaled it.

Ron had  barbecued shrimp with French Bread for dipping; I had Bacon wrapped shrimps served over grits.   Both were wonderful.   Ron finished withHennesey     and I had a white Chocolate Brownie with ice cream and dark chocolate sauce.   Really good. 

The wine was good.   After devouring dinner, we went back to the hotel bar and watched the foot traffic on bourbon street.   Always interesting.

Another perfect day (excluding the locked French Doors).

New Orleans day 5 Ron's birthday and Bastille day

Here we are celebrating Ron's birthday in New Orleans.    Had a good breakfast (not the Almond Croissant).    At the pool.   I'm waiting until about 9 am to go to Royal Street and explore some of the antique shops.  Not all of them open at 9, but a fair amount and that will be fine.   Not particularly looking for anything specific, just looking.

I think the plans are to go to Harrah's this evening and gamble a bit (tiny bit; I'm the world's worst gambler) and have a steak dinner.   Other than that, no specific plans. 

Ron and I had fun.  I broke even.  Ron not quite as good.  

Dinner at a steak house in the casino.  Great steak.  We were early and had a great conversation with the waitress.  She lived in New Orleans during Katrina.  Nice to get a locals view of what was and wasn't done.  
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the steaks. 

Fun cab driver back to the French Quarter.

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Orleans - Day 3

After walking Ron's legs off yesterday and having a truly fantastic dinner, we both slept really well!!   We were up early this morning and got to the coffee shop before they were fully set up.   Since we were not in any hurry - just really needed coffee, we waited.   Had another of those fantastic Almond Croissants.    Really tasty.  I think I am addicted to them.   

We're planning on going to the Jazz  Brunch at Court of Two Sisters.  Probably do that mid afternoon.   

I can't say how pleased I am with Ron getting around as well as he is.   He would like to be a bit faster, but he is doing very well to only be 5 weeks from a full knee replacement.    

Took some pictures along our walk today.

When we first starting coming to New Orleans, Al Hirt and Pete Fountain both had jazz clubs.   We went to both several times.   

There are lots  of street peddlars out.   Take a look at this guy with Ron.   Ron didn't look too happy.

What a way to try to earn a living   Okay guys, the lesson for today is to KEEP YOUR DAY JOB!.  

Okay not brunch but dinner!    That's okay.   Maybe a stop at preservation hall for music!   

We made it to Court of Two Sisters early.   Ron and I ate there years and years ago.   I can't remember when, but it was wonderful again.   Good waiter, good food, good wine.   Walked Bourbon Street back to hotel.   Saw a street music performance.   Always good.   On the way to the restaurant we saw a strange street entertainer.   A young lady typing poetry in the middle of the closed off street.   Kinda fun - a little strange.  

I must say, I liked the music better.   

What did we have at Court of Two Sisters?.   Ron and I shared Barbecued shrimp .  Not barbecued at all, but really tasty.   Then Ron had crab cakes; I had Chicken Oscar with Crab Meat in Hollandaise sauce.   Also had mashed potatoes  and asparagus.   Really good.    Unfortunately I was too full to eat dessert.   Bummers.    Decided we didn't need preservation hall just yet, back to the hotel.   

It was a really fun and FULL day.   

Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Orleans - Day 2 - evening

Spent the afternoon in the room; both of us were tired.    Our reservations were for 5:30.   Early but we were hungry.   Hadn't eaten since we hadthe chocolate   praline.  Left the hotel about 5:15 and realized that Bourbon Street was fulled of partiers.   Way too early.   Went over a street and made it to St. Louis Street a little before 5:30.   Early, so we went to the bar and had gin and tonics.   Got our table with a waiter that has stopped by Key West several times and was interested in other things to  see.   After giving him 3 or 4 new suggestions we had a great dinner.    We  started with Oysters   Rockefellow.   As good as I remembers.   Had drum fish with crab chunks. scalloped potatoes, lots of French bread and I finished off with Peach Melba ,Ron  had Courvoisier.    

Took a couple of pictures.   There are always iteresting people in a restaurant like that.  Some who appeared to be locals, some definitely tourists, some old, some young.   Saw a table of what appeared to be a bride and bridesmaids group.     The most intesting was when Ron said to take a picture of the waitors.    Enjoy.     
Waiting until they fill up.


Somewhere in my ever growing stash of stuff is the menu from 48 years ago.   Now I will have to find a copy.  

New Orleans - Day 2

We were really tired last night and went to bed really early.   I slept like a rock until 2 am then pretty well until time to get up.    Lots of people in the hotel were partying hearty.  Lots of laughter, running, talking loud etc.   Didn't keep me from going back to sleep.

Got around and dicided we had to go to PJ's for coffee and Danish.   Had some really good coffee and one of the best Danish I've eaten in years.   
It was really good.   Also filling.   Part of the problem with New Orleans is the food is so good.   Genereally I eat too much during the day and then do not  want a good dinner.   We want to go to Antoines tonight and I'd like to be hungry when I get there.   We went to Antoines on our honeymoon.   We were so afraid we couldn't afford (probably shouldn't have) but the waiter was a pro.   He found out we were on our honeymoon and suggested a dinner that was not only wonderful, but we could afford it.   We started off then with their famous Oysters Rockerfellow and I will be anxious to find out if they still serve it.   

Don't know what's on the agenda today but probably lots of walking.  Maybe a little pool time.   Kinda nice to have the time and not specific uses outlined.  

Will keep you posted on how the day turns out.

Spent the morning walking around Jackson Square.  Lots of people.   We stopped and had a Bloody Mary and looked over our guide book.   Found it at a  bookstore that was really a book hoarders heaven.   I couldn't tell whether it was open or not and I said as much to the woman sitting on the stairs outside.     She said it was open but a bit claustrophoic.   Walked in and the seller was sitting in a chair next to the door.   I asked about guides and he pointed to the left.   Found it, paid and left.   I doubt if you could get to the back of the bookstore.   Several people already in there - hope they weren't trapped.   What an interening spot.   Ron didn't try to come in - probably a good thing.

Lots of    'interesting' people in New Orleans.   Maybe more than in Key West.   

Found some interesting things in shops.   Ron found a shady spot with an empty bench and sat and watched the crowds while I walked around to the shop.   Had a praline.   Chocolate flavored praline. Doesn't get any better than that.    

Antoines it is.   We have reservation.   

The following is the view of the pool.   We are on level 4 and the pool is on level 3.   We will try to get some good use from the pool but not today.   It's filled to the gills.   The pictures were taken before the pool even opened.  

The following is a random bunch of pictures.   I love the architecture in New Orleans.   

More later after dinner. 

Taking a vacation to New Orleans.

New Orleans is one of my favorite cities.   Ron and I honeymooned in New Orleans 48 years ago.   Seems like only yesterday.   We have managed to  make it back every 3 rd or 4 th year.   New Orleans is the same old town with a lot of new items.  We were a little hesitant to come to New Orleans after Hurricane   Katrina but the French Quarter didn't show much wear and tear.   The founders of NO were smart enough not to build the French Quarter in low lying land.   They didn't have any flooding here, but oh so close.   It reminds me a lot of Key West, but oh so much bigger!!!   

Ron is recovering from a knee replacement and quite frankly I thought going up the stairs to the airplane in Key West along with navigating the gigantic Atlanta airport were going to be nightmares; Ron did very well and other than being really tired, he is fine.   But then, I'm tired too and my knee is fine.  

We got to the hotel early and our room wasn't ready - not surprising.   We spent part of our time waiting in the bar in the hotel.   Great time to watch the crowd move by.   Gin and Tonics were so good.   An even more exciting crowd than you can see on Duval Street in Key West.     

Got our room; rested a bit went back downstairs and decided to eat at Desire.   Newly removed oyster and seafood bar.   We had shrimp PoBoys.   They were great.   Than back to our rooms.   We'll get an early start tomorrow.   Checked with pet sitter; our furry kids are fine!!!!   

I generally don't spend much time photographing the sky from the airplane, but today was different.   These little clouds looked like a pet had destroyed a foam pillow.     Enjoy!  

Friday, July 3, 2015

Pineapples finally grown up

I love pineapples and when I found I could grow them I was fascinated.  Back in March I posted about some baby pineapples.  They are all grown up,

The one on the right is ready to come in.  S

So very much fun.