Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Orleans - Day 2 - evening

Spent the afternoon in the room; both of us were tired.    Our reservations were for 5:30.   Early but we were hungry.   Hadn't eaten since we hadthe chocolate   praline.  Left the hotel about 5:15 and realized that Bourbon Street was fulled of partiers.   Way too early.   Went over a street and made it to St. Louis Street a little before 5:30.   Early, so we went to the bar and had gin and tonics.   Got our table with a waiter that has stopped by Key West several times and was interested in other things to  see.   After giving him 3 or 4 new suggestions we had a great dinner.    We  started with Oysters   Rockefellow.   As good as I remembers.   Had drum fish with crab chunks. scalloped potatoes, lots of French bread and I finished off with Peach Melba ,Ron  had Courvoisier.    

Took a couple of pictures.   There are always iteresting people in a restaurant like that.  Some who appeared to be locals, some definitely tourists, some old, some young.   Saw a table of what appeared to be a bride and bridesmaids group.     The most intesting was when Ron said to take a picture of the waitors.    Enjoy.     
Waiting until they fill up.


Somewhere in my ever growing stash of stuff is the menu from 48 years ago.   Now I will have to find a copy.  

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