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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Orleans day 5 Ron's birthday and Bastille day

Here we are celebrating Ron's birthday in New Orleans.    Had a good breakfast (not the Almond Croissant).    At the pool.   I'm waiting until about 9 am to go to Royal Street and explore some of the antique shops.  Not all of them open at 9, but a fair amount and that will be fine.   Not particularly looking for anything specific, just looking.

I think the plans are to go to Harrah's this evening and gamble a bit (tiny bit; I'm the world's worst gambler) and have a steak dinner.   Other than that, no specific plans. 

Ron and I had fun.  I broke even.  Ron not quite as good.  

Dinner at a steak house in the casino.  Great steak.  We were early and had a great conversation with the waitress.  She lived in New Orleans during Katrina.  Nice to get a locals view of what was and wasn't done.  
Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the steaks. 

Fun cab driver back to the French Quarter.

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