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Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Orleans - Day 2

We were really tired last night and went to bed really early.   I slept like a rock until 2 am then pretty well until time to get up.    Lots of people in the hotel were partying hearty.  Lots of laughter, running, talking loud etc.   Didn't keep me from going back to sleep.

Got around and dicided we had to go to PJ's for coffee and Danish.   Had some really good coffee and one of the best Danish I've eaten in years.   
It was really good.   Also filling.   Part of the problem with New Orleans is the food is so good.   Genereally I eat too much during the day and then do not  want a good dinner.   We want to go to Antoines tonight and I'd like to be hungry when I get there.   We went to Antoines on our honeymoon.   We were so afraid we couldn't afford (probably shouldn't have) but the waiter was a pro.   He found out we were on our honeymoon and suggested a dinner that was not only wonderful, but we could afford it.   We started off then with their famous Oysters Rockerfellow and I will be anxious to find out if they still serve it.   

Don't know what's on the agenda today but probably lots of walking.  Maybe a little pool time.   Kinda nice to have the time and not specific uses outlined.  

Will keep you posted on how the day turns out.

Spent the morning walking around Jackson Square.  Lots of people.   We stopped and had a Bloody Mary and looked over our guide book.   Found it at a  bookstore that was really a book hoarders heaven.   I couldn't tell whether it was open or not and I said as much to the woman sitting on the stairs outside.     She said it was open but a bit claustrophoic.   Walked in and the seller was sitting in a chair next to the door.   I asked about guides and he pointed to the left.   Found it, paid and left.   I doubt if you could get to the back of the bookstore.   Several people already in there - hope they weren't trapped.   What an interening spot.   Ron didn't try to come in - probably a good thing.

Lots of    'interesting' people in New Orleans.   Maybe more than in Key West.   

Found some interesting things in shops.   Ron found a shady spot with an empty bench and sat and watched the crowds while I walked around to the shop.   Had a praline.   Chocolate flavored praline. Doesn't get any better than that.    

Antoines it is.   We have reservation.   

The following is the view of the pool.   We are on level 4 and the pool is on level 3.   We will try to get some good use from the pool but not today.   It's filled to the gills.   The pictures were taken before the pool even opened.  

The following is a random bunch of pictures.   I love the architecture in New Orleans.   

More later after dinner. 

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