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Monday, July 13, 2015

New Orleans - Day 3

After walking Ron's legs off yesterday and having a truly fantastic dinner, we both slept really well!!   We were up early this morning and got to the coffee shop before they were fully set up.   Since we were not in any hurry - just really needed coffee, we waited.   Had another of those fantastic Almond Croissants.    Really tasty.  I think I am addicted to them.   

We're planning on going to the Jazz  Brunch at Court of Two Sisters.  Probably do that mid afternoon.   

I can't say how pleased I am with Ron getting around as well as he is.   He would like to be a bit faster, but he is doing very well to only be 5 weeks from a full knee replacement.    

Took some pictures along our walk today.

When we first starting coming to New Orleans, Al Hirt and Pete Fountain both had jazz clubs.   We went to both several times.   

There are lots  of street peddlars out.   Take a look at this guy with Ron.   Ron didn't look too happy.

What a way to try to earn a living   Okay guys, the lesson for today is to KEEP YOUR DAY JOB!.  

Okay not brunch but dinner!    That's okay.   Maybe a stop at preservation hall for music!   

We made it to Court of Two Sisters early.   Ron and I ate there years and years ago.   I can't remember when, but it was wonderful again.   Good waiter, good food, good wine.   Walked Bourbon Street back to hotel.   Saw a street music performance.   Always good.   On the way to the restaurant we saw a strange street entertainer.   A young lady typing poetry in the middle of the closed off street.   Kinda fun - a little strange.  

I must say, I liked the music better.   

What did we have at Court of Two Sisters?.   Ron and I shared Barbecued shrimp .  Not barbecued at all, but really tasty.   Then Ron had crab cakes; I had Chicken Oscar with Crab Meat in Hollandaise sauce.   Also had mashed potatoes  and asparagus.   Really good.    Unfortunately I was too full to eat dessert.   Bummers.    Decided we didn't need preservation hall just yet, back to the hotel.   

It was a really fun and FULL day.   

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