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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Orleans day 4

Today we spent a lot of the day just chillin.   We had our usual Almond  Croissant (I told you I was addicted) and coffee.   Went to the pool early.   It was wonderful.  Lots of people using the pool.

While we were at the pool, we could tell they had cleaned the room because the drapes were drawn over the French doors.  A little bit later Ron decided to go to the room.   I knew the minute he got there that the cleaning staff  had locked and latched the French Doors.   Here he comes hobbling back to the pool, down 10 stairs.   I had to go thru the other entrance, take the elevator to my floor, walk to the room on the other side of the hotel, open the French Door and go back to the pool.   The French doors weren't locked when we checked into the room; why they would do that on the pool side is beyond me.    Hopefully it won't happen again.    

 Didn't do too much during the day.   Took a nap.   Decided we would go to Mr. B's Bistro.  Owned by one of the Brennan siblings.   IT was an absolutely wonderful restaurants.   Lots of people, great food, great service.    Ron and I split the appetizer and it was deep fried oysters on the half shell.   Ron and I nearly inhaled it.

Ron had  barbecued shrimp with French Bread for dipping; I had Bacon wrapped shrimps served over grits.   Both were wonderful.   Ron finished withHennesey     and I had a white Chocolate Brownie with ice cream and dark chocolate sauce.   Really good. 

The wine was good.   After devouring dinner, we went back to the hotel bar and watched the foot traffic on bourbon street.   Always interesting.

Another perfect day (excluding the locked French Doors).

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