Re-exploring Key West

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How about a little cookie exchange???

A few years ago I tried to talk my sorority into doing a cookie exchange.   Well, long story short - not much interest.   However 3 of us thought it still sounded like a great idea.   We’ve been doing it ever since.   Still a good idea.  

Well a cookie exchange is great, but having lunch with friends even better.   Roostica on Stock Island was a great place to have it too.  

A very nice way to get ready for the holiday season.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Re-exploring your town - November 2017 - The Audubon House

The Audubon House is actually the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens.   I totally enjoy the house, but the gardens are magnificent.    The Keys was hit by a Category 4 Hurricane in October and I wasn’t sure what damage the Audubon house might have encountered.   I called them and asked if they were open and ready for business after the hurricane.   The guy not he phone said “what hurricane?”.   At that point I knew we would enjoy our visit.   

Whatever mess they experienced and the garden had some, was all cleaned up.   When my mother used to come visit, it was one of her favorite places and she loved the gardens.  Margaret and I enjoyed our visit.   

Lots of great things on display.   Some of the best were Audubon’s paintings of birds.   He spent many years here studying our many exotic species.

Don’t  miss the pool in one corner of the lot.   Really nice area.   

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Re-exploring your town - October 2017 The Fire House Museum

One of our newer museums is dedicated to the fire fighting in Key West.   It is kinda off the beaten path, but coming along very nice.

My friend Margaret and I  really enjoyed visiting with the fire fighters who were working there to share their history.

These old fire trucks really had a lot of character.  

Margaret and I in front of a relatively new truck.

I would have never guessed what this long concrete thing was.  It was for washing the hoses they used. 

Hose washer from a different view.

Every town I have lived in has museums.   Key West for a 2x4 mile island has way more than most.   But you should take advantage of those in your neighborhood.  Gives a whole new outlook on where you live.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

How does a shirt become funky???

I wanted to make a funky shirt.   Bought two shirts - BOGO cheap and decided I would add a little paint to one of them.

I will be linking to Metamorphosis Monday at between naps on the porch.  

Wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I wanted to keep it simple.   I decided to limit my colors to red, white and blue.   I also didn’t want it to look too planned out.     I also didn’t want it to go wandering all over the shirt.   Masking tape kept me on task.

To set fabric paint, you use heat.   This shirt was left out in the sun for a couple hours, run thru a dryer cycle and then pressed on the back side. 

Here’s the final result.  

A little blog on the collar, but I’m not going to worry about that now,

One sleeve and

Then the other sleeve.

Do I have enough funk?   Don’t know.   Will wear it a few times and if not, I can always add more.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Assemblage art - Do you know what that is????

I’ve mentioned my friend Michele in several posts over the years.   She is a very inspiring and talented lady.   I actually met her on an online group of assemblage artists.   I like assemblage art but I’m not nearly as good or as consistently involved in assemblage as Michele.     She is visiting Key West and was making an assemblage piece as a trade for another piece of art.   Again, she is very impressive in her work.

 Isn’t this a great looking doll.   She underwent a total make over to express her true personality.

What a total transformation and that is assemblage art.   Way to go Michele.   

Torso - and all that jewelry

Several years ago my friend Michele gave me a torso.  I looked at all sorts of things to do it and for several years the torso moved from an outside storage shed to my fence,   One day while browsing Etsy I found a torso covered with jewelry and buttons and other interesting items.   Well, that was an ah-ha moment and I wanted to do that.    I had a lot of old jewelry but not anywhere near enough.    One day when I was at a yard sale I bought a bunch of old jewelry.   That added to a long time of collecting old jewelry and I decided now was the time.    To get the torso covered you need to snip off ear ring backings and hooks on lapel pins and anything that would keep the item from setting solid on the torso.   

This project took tons more items than I imagined and took a lot more time than I imagined.    Worth the efforts.

I am oh so happy with the outcome.   I am sure it will be one of my favorite pieces for a very long time.