Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Oh my goodness — what a find for $1. Yard Sale Find!

Friday I ran to a yard sale and found a treasure.  My walls are covered but when I find a Real Treasure, I make room.  $1 was all I spent.  Love it.  

What was one of your best finds?  

Friday, June 29, 2018

Fun Day at Lakeland Miniature Guild

June is always a fun month for me.   I love miniatures and have been doing them for 30 years.   Lakeland Miniature Guild has a miniature show every June.   They have workshops, a fun day which is a special project and a show, starting with a preview on Saturday evening.   I love every part of it and love the participants.   Such enthusiasm.    

It started with a workshop on Thursday evening.   This was taught by Bonnie Helterhoff.   Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday.   Another wonderful Holiday piece for my collection.   

Saturday was a workshop with Priscilla Kershaw and that was a little bunny.   I didn’t get mine done during the workshop but I was close.   Finished it this week.   It is about 3 inches tall.   

Saturday was the Fun Day project.   Mine is far from done, but I will show a few done by club members.   Lots of inspiration.  

Lots of inspiration and lots of ways this project can go.   As soon as I get it done, I will post to the blog.   

Re-exploring your town - May 2018 - Butterfly Gardens

I love butterflies.   Key West is so fortunate to have a Butterfly gardens.  Always fun to see them.   Not only do they have lovely flowers that captivate the butterflies, they have Flamingos .   They are absolutely beautiful.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Re-exploring your town - April 2018 - Custom House - Exhibit of Captain Outrageous

Captain Outrageous was very popular when I can to Key West.   He painted bikes, signs, and anything else he could put his hands on.   He had a very interesting life and created very interesting pieces of art.


While at the Custom House, Margaret and I explored the “From a Woman’s Hands” exhibit.  I had seen it a couple months earlier with my friend Michele.  

Lots of interesting pieces.   This exhibit used to be held at SoDu gallery.   I liked it better there.   

Key West is just loaded with great exhibits.   

Art show at the college

I absolutely love art shows at colleges.   Lots of talent on display and once in a while, things are for sale.  I have a few pieces of art in my collection that I have picked up at really reasonable prices.

This one was mostly ceramics and I always enjoy that.

I took ceramics several years ago and loved it.  One of the things I made was these little houses.   As a matter of fact, I made a bunch of them and no two were alike.   Still have 4 of them and enjoy looking at them.!!!  

Lots of talent at the school.

If you’re near a community college or other higher learning institution, contact them and find out about art shows.   It’s a treat to see what people are making.

These pictures were at the Lower Keys
Community College in Key West.

June OMB - Tea Time

As I’ve posted before - I love the One a Month Bunch Challenge on Quarter Connection.   It keeps me from leaving projects stranded in the closet shelves for too long.   I finish a quarter scale project every month and I love it!!!

I’ve had this tea pot for quite some time and was almost to the point of thinking I would never finish it when I decided a tea room would be perfect - Who would’ve thought?

Now what will I ever do in July