Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Girls have been cleaned up

Next Month, Raggedy Ann turns 100.   Wow, what an occasion.   I will post frequently (maybe every day in September) about Raggedys.   Some new posts, some freshened up old posts.   Come join me for this milestone event.   Be sure to sign up as a follower and if you want email notifications of when I post, do that too. 

As you must know by now, Raggedy Ann &Andys are my favorite collectible.   I have many of them, but they are difficult to stay fresh with all the dust we have in the keys.   

They all got cleaned and rearranged this week.    The shelves are a little more sparse.   They look better.    Everything came off the shelves and cleaned or dusted etc.  

This is a new addition.   I found this little bassinet for $5 at a yard sale.   It has been hanging around.   I decided it was way too rickety for my granddaughter so it would work well with my dolls.   I pulled out the plastic liner, added a blue liner and there they are.   Most of these dolls were pinned to the wall so now they are a lot easier to throw into the dryer on an air setting to clean them up.   All in all, I love the look. 

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