Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Minis in Marathon

As most of you know, I travel quite a ways (generally 8+ hours) to attend miniature workshops.   Way too far but worth it.   However, a few weeks ago, Sophia Harris called me and asked if I was interested in attending a workshop at her boat slip in Marathon with Ruth Stewart.   Well, COUNT ME IN!    So this past Wednesday, I found my way to Marathon about 50 miles from my home and there was Sophia, Linda Zechel, and Ruth Stewart, getting ready to create a wonderful 1/12 scale cake.  

This is the cake we were going to make.   It is a birdcage wedding cake.   There are 16 layers of cake here.   I could slice my cake if I wanted, but I think that is not to be.  




Cake in process

Me, Sheila waiting for the net step

Cake after it was iced and layers joined together.

My inspiration again.

Still my cake undecorated.  

The white icing with decoration at each layer.   Hard to see it in this photo but it also has micro no hole beads.  

Better picture with the icing.   Ruth's was straight lines, mine were wavy, but consistent.   Everyone has to demo their own skill.  

There I am with cake with 4 roses added.   I put all my roses on the bottom layer.   I had to leave a bit early for other obligations, but jeez what fun.   Thanks ladies for a great day, CLOSE TO HOME.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 2016 OMB - Furniture

As I might have mentioned a few times; I like to have quite a stash of items made up to furnish mini projects.   In January I did kits - kits and more kits.

Now I'm ready to furnish something.   Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Swapping - Art Studio Tour

You can see how lucky I was to get the spool people for the pear painting.   My friend Michelle created this great cross and I loved it.   I was surprised it didn't sell in the showing, but my good fortune.   I wanted the cross.   I told her I had an idea for her and would make her something special.

I also used them for my One A Month Group.   I built two shops.   (I had to have one too)  Michele's shop is called GYPSY PALACE and mine is called JUNK AND JEWELS.    In November I built them and wallpapered them.   On Michelle's shop I knew I would do a container to hold it and mine would be built self standing to be a part of a larger project at sometime in the future.

Front of the shops!
 The interior of the shop.   I tried to do tiny little replicas (or as close a possible) of our projects.   I did the pears and her macaw; tables, mirrors, painting station.  I also included a picture of the Eifle  Tower to fuel Michele's dream of going there.

There is still room to add things.   I am trying to make a quarter scale guitar made from a cigar box.   That cigar box will be less than a quarter inch.   If I can get a couple of them made, I update this.

More pictures showing better detail.

Oh, you might be asking what did I swap for.    Here it is:

Isn't it lovely.   I absolutely love it.

It looks so nice on my living room wall.   Thanks Michele.