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Friday, May 6, 2016

May OMB - Raggedy Andy Room

Well, finally getting the April Raggedy Ann Room posted yesterday gave me new inspiration to finish up the May OMB.   He was very patient.   I do hope you enjoy him.   I'm in love with him.   He is so cute.   His room is more occupied with possessions than Ann's, but that's okay.

 He is so cute.   He is raring to get finished. 


A close up of the room.   His dog stays in his room.  He is close to the bed.   (Close to the food and water).   Also leaves more room for the train set for Andy to play with.   

 Love the dog pictures on the wall.   I have 2 Corgis and 1 Jack Russell.   There is a picture of each breed on the wall. 

Now oh now, what will I do for June.   Still have a  lot of time to figure it out.   Stay tuned.  

Paper mache raggedy

Well I've seen a lot of Raggedy Ann dolls over the years but never a paper mache one,  but now I have one.  My sister (thanks Linda) found one at a thrift shop.  Isn't she cute.   


April OMB - Raggedy Ann Room

I was very happy when a friend of mine, Fern, told me that another friend was thinning her collection and had two dolls with Quarter Scale Rooms attached and I might be interested in them.   Well, I was.  I sent her the money for the kits and here they came.   I did the Raggedy Ann for April OMB (One a Month Bunch) and will do Andy this month.   He is waiting patiently!!!!
 Empty but with the light on.   Oops, I forgot to say they were lighted.   I love that.


Can't see the room too well, but it is really cute.   Now for a close up view.


Still could add a couple of trinkets in the room, but basically it's done.   Love the heart quilt on the wall!!!

Soon Andy will be done.   Stay tuned.