Re-exploring Key West

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just a little upholstery work.

I have had this blue couch for years and years.   Never really found a spot for it, just figured it would find its way into either an antique shop or a yard sale scene.   Decided to do a room box from McKenzie-Childs inspiration and thought what better couch to reupholster.   Makes me excited to get the room started.    Will add a few throw pillow when the box starts coming together.

I just love it.   Wish I had one in full size.   

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Den for a Hunter

I thought I would show off the bounty of this hunter in his own den.   It's his spot and one that he really enjoys.    Food, drink, reading material, a nice fireplace and man's best friend.    Still needs a bit to finish it.   I can't find my man doll
or the andirons (I was sure I had a set).     Still mostly done.

I hope you enjoy this den.