Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year 2013 in review

It was a wonderful year.   I did lots and lots of things in the miniature world.   My best miniature - is  my first grandchild.   She is wonderful and I am sure I see a dollhouse or two in Kaylin's future. 

My husband, Ron, and I with Kaylin - she was 3 weeks old.  

I have a few favorite projects.   I think my favorite would have to be the Tropical Shotgun House.  You can look at that post HERE.

I almost didn't complete it.   It was a bit more tedious than I thought it would be.   I like it because it is very similar to the houses in Key West.   I love the front porch.   I could sit there for hours on end.   When I wanted to eat - I think I would barbecue and eat outdoors.   All in all, I think it will be a favorite for many years to come.

Wouldn't it be fun to drink an ice tea or a glass of wine and let the world go by.

I also loved my dome house.   It too took me a while to get done, but once I started it went together quickly.  

You can see the Victorian Dome House HERE.  

I really think I would enjoy a bedroom just like this one.   I love the colors and I think the bed looks really comfortable.

The 3rd project is the 4 little season boxes that I made myself.   Made them from cheap yard sale frames and furnished them appropriately for the season.    You can see them HERE.

Little guy looks very happy.
I love working on miniatures and do something nearly every day.   I like the shows I go too along with all the workshops I attend.   Fun Days in Orlando and Lakeland are fantastic!!!!  
I especially like the feedback I get from my followers.   Your time is appreciated.   
May you have a fantastic 2014 and may all your mini wishes come true.  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

NAME Region E-3 Butcher Shop Swap

As many of you know, I am the Region E-3 swap coordinator for NAME.   We've done 3 swaps and they have been so much fun.   The last one was for a butcher shop.   Unfortunately we were unable to do a quarter scale for this theme - not enough interest.   However, we had a full swap for the butcher shop in 1/12 scale.

 Charrita made a cutting board of meats, a wheel of cheese under dome and a tray of cheese to sample..  

Sheila made a tray of cheese.

Elaine made a rolled roast.

Irene made a set of porcelain signs we can paint for our butcher shop. 

Marie Bird made a rolls of butcher paper on a dispenser and a sign showing cuts of meat.  

Annilee made sausages and some sliced sausage  along with game cuts. 

Glenda made a ham on a silver tray. 

Carol made an assortment of meats.

 Claudette made paper, twine, pencil,  and various signs and meat.

Mary Jo made a large quantity of meat. 

I made the following items.   Tray of meats and cheeses for sampling, assortment of cookbooks, framed signs for beef cuts and port cuts. 

I am most excited to get the butcher shop ready.   Lots of goodies!  
If you are a member of NAME and live in  Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee and would like to participate in our future swaps, please contact me. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

ME Cottage - December OMB project

The yahoo group, Quarter Connection, has sponsored a OMB (One a month bunch) challenge to its members to complete unfinished projects.   I built the project in November and when it was done, went to work on the furnishings and landscaping and finished that in December.
Kit in the plastic bag.
Assembled, but not much more. 
Interior - without furnishings.  
Living Room
Entry Way  
Finished house - all the rooms
Close up of Front  
ME is traveling.   She has her dress bag and two suitcases to load in her little red bug along with her Scottie.   She will have fun.
I've really enjoyed the challenge this year and some months I didn't think I would get with it, but did.  Oh so much Fun to complete projects..