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Monday, December 2, 2013

ME Cottage - December OMB project

The yahoo group, Quarter Connection, has sponsored a OMB (One a month bunch) challenge to its members to complete unfinished projects.   I built the project in November and when it was done, went to work on the furnishings and landscaping and finished that in December.
Kit in the plastic bag.
Assembled, but not much more. 
Interior - without furnishings.  
Living Room
Entry Way  
Finished house - all the rooms
Close up of Front  
ME is traveling.   She has her dress bag and two suitcases to load in her little red bug along with her Scottie.   She will have fun.
I've really enjoyed the challenge this year and some months I didn't think I would get with it, but did.  Oh so much Fun to complete projects..  


Crystal said...

Sheila it is fantastic. Did you make the doll? She's super cute. I also love the car. That was a house that was on my Christmas wish list (with others) but I think I'm getting a different one.....I like what you did with it.

Steinworks said...

it's wonderful I love the car and the doggie