Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Firecracker Challenge

I belong to a Yahoo Miniature Group that has some of the most interesting projects.   This is just their latest one.   It was to do a firecracker challenge.   A container, preferably made from a round container such as salt box, oatmeal box etc.   Since I had never done a salt box container, I was set on doing that.   I did the box several weeks ago.   I did it right after I had completed my swap items.   I said I would do floor lamps.   Yesterday I received my swap items back from 16 swappers and decided to finish up my project.   

 I love the bedroom and the living room.  Lots of neat items.   The table would not fit outside by the walkway.   I tried several ways of doing it, but none of them worked.   I decided a roof top patio area was perfect.   I had to borrow a couple of pieces from a previous swap (tea time swap).   The container used was a clock container that was purchased from Salvation Army for one dollar.    The scale for this project is quarter inch.   

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fall and Spring Market Stalls

Last week I posted Summer and Winter market stalls.   I've got this 4 season thing going on now.   They are so cute.   I have little Plexiglas boxes for them, but they have been put in such a safe spot, I can't find them.   I will keep looking.

These were such fun!   The dime will give you an idea of their size.   This is Quarter Scale.  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Barbecue - 4th of July Bash.

Generally we wait until my son is home before we barbecue, but this year we decided to do steak and a giant sword fish steak.    While thinking of that, I decided to do a little barbecue scene.    I will probably add an item or two (looking for a realistic guy to do the cooking), but so far, so good.   

Scale on this scene is 1/12th.   If you know of a source for realistic resin 1/12 scale guys, let me know.    

Quarter Scale Market Stalls and a Day at the Spa

I was very busy the few days before the 4th.   I am really into the 4 seasons representations.   To that end I did a summer (4th of July) and winter (Snowmen).   The other two scenes are in process so stay tuned.    After all that work, I needed a day at the spa.   The market stalls are 1/4 scale and the day at the spa is 1/120 scale - not 1/12, but 1/120.  Remind me not to do that small of scale again.  

Look for the dime to really focus in on the scale.