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Sunday, February 26, 2012

More on the Art Deco Style House

I've gotten questions on how long it takes to furnish a small little house like the Art Deco style house which was posted just before this house.   The above picture is a reminder of what it is like, otherwise you can go to the previous post.  

I like my mini houses furnished just like I like my real house and that is packed with stuff.  

Here is the list of things that I have put on this house;

Front Porch

Chair - purchased

Flower Planter - received in swap

Plants in front of window - purchased

Light - from stash


Sink - purchased

Stool - purchased

Table with Clock, Vanity Items, Towel, Dish - made all items

Towel Rack - purchased

Bed - made

Painting on wall - printable

Chair - received from swap

TV Stand - received from swap

Flat Screen TV - received from swap

Rug - printable

Living Room

Piano with Plant - made piano - plant received from swap

Brown Couch and Chair - made

Grandfather Clock - made

Mirror - made

Sectional - purchased

Table with pretzels and beer steins - table from swap, purchased pretzels and beer from swaps

2 Paintings on Wall - printables


Table with 4 chairs - made from kit

Candle holder on table - received from swap

Hutch with dishes & towel - received from swaps

Work Table with baking scene - made at Orlando Mini Show in workshop

Kitchen Counter, Refrigerator, sink & wall mounted oven - made from purchased kit

Plate Rack - received from swap

4 small vegetable paintings. - received from swap

There are over 40 things in  this house.    Remember it's only quarter scale and doesn't hold too much.   Now for things that aren't here.  Pets, (I've since added a corgi to the front walk way), newspapers, trash cans, clothes, extra bedding, magazines to name a few.    If you had a child living in the house, you'd have toys and a bed for them.  

Some things I am lucky enough to receive in various swaps I participate in, I make a lot of items and I purchase items when I can get to an appropriate show.     Takes a while to put together enough stuff to furnish a house.   This house is also a little light on wall decor.

Printables are made from paper and there are various sites online that have them available. 

I thought you might like a little more detail on how these little houses are assembled. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finish a started project challenge

In yahoo groups I belong to a group, Quarter Connections, which is a quarter scale miniature group.   They have frequent challenges and February was to finish a started project.   I could have entered any number of projects but what I decided on was the Art Deco house that I had started.

Assembled, but no other part of it completed.

When I got home from the Fun Day in Orlando, I realized I had limited time to finish it so I dedicated my time to doing just that.   It really went together well when I got my mind right.

I think I would like to move in.   I love the lamp post by the walkway.

 Bedroom with a great flat screen TV.   I couldn't decide if I needed a partition in the bath area, but decided against it - can always add it later.  
Waiting for company, pretzels and beers already set out.  
 The cute little baking table found the perfect home in this kitchen.  
 They really could have one of these challenges every month - maybe I could get more projects finished.   

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orlando Fun Day - Toy Parade

This past weekend I was in Orlando for the Orlando Fun Day and Molly Cromwell's miniature show. It was great fun. Fortunately I brought a project home that was about 90% done so it didn't take much work to finish it. I have participated in several toy swaps and have acquired lots of toys over the years and most of them have made it in this shop.

I know there is one little empty block, but I'm in the process of finding a well-hidden toy I want in there.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little - I mean little, kitchen table

I'm in Orlando for the miniature show and fun day.   Yesterday afternoon I went to a workshop to make a little table for your kitchen.   This is quarter scale with so many things.   Really a good class.

 Now take a real close look.   There are 3 canister sets, spices, measuring cup. a pie shell filled with apple slices, apple peelings, a knife, a bowl with 3 apples, a rolling pin, a cookbook and a tea towel.  
The dime is a clue as to how small this little table really is.   I'm excited to get it in a setting at home that is waiting for it. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Store fronts for Mom and Dad

I've had these little store fronts for a very long time and really haven't had a clue what to put into them.   Tried several things and wasn't happy with it.   When I purchased the chair with the men's accessories and the coat rack last year at  the  Lakeland Florida show I thought it would be fine in one of them.   Well it only has taken about 7 months to get it done.   Once I decided to cover the back wall with wallpaper, it was a piece of cake to put together. 

This has been one of the most difficult projects to photograph.    The light kept bouncing back from the Plexiglas front.    

One's the men's shop was done I decided to use the other one for a woman's shop.   Both remind the viewer not to forget Father's Day or Mother's Day.   Good advice.  

Moving on to other projeccts.