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Friday, December 24, 2010

Let's Tablescape a LITTLE!

I've been a follower of Susan's for quite some time. She has some wonderful ideas and inspirations. She has Metamorphosis Monday and Tablescape Thursday. I've participated on both and that is what inspired this posting. I belong to several Internet Swap Groups for miniatures and Swap Shop, hosted by Fern Rouleau, is one of the best. It is a creative group of people. Fern was looking for swap ideas and I suggested we do a 'dinner for two' tablescape. This is a lot more involved than most of our swaps. All swaps are limited to 10 people and when I suggested it, I was very doubtful that we would have our ten. I gave them the above link to get them in the mood and as you can see, they all interpreted the theme differently and very cleverly. We got the ten participants with outstanding results. Thanks to Anamari Alonso, Audrey Meehan, Barb Kenyeres, Barb Myers, Betty Caldwell, Emma Muqsit, Fern Rouleau, LaGail Jackson and Wendy Cole for their outstanding efforts.

To give credit where credit is due. Babette of let me know about Susan's site and also mentioned that they would be fun in miniatures (she is a very creative miniaturist).

The rooster setting is mine. I'm going through a Rooster phase just now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Virginia City in Quarter Scale

Last June, the Carson City Mini Makers did a class entitled "Stepping Back in Time in Virginia City" and sold kits to people who could not attend. The class was taught by JoAnn Jacot. I got the kit and after much 'kit bashing' (need to make things my own), I have finished the project. My project has a bit of a story. In the first photo, you see the main building in town. It houses a saloon, a church, a bedroom (shhhh - might be a brothel) , bath, and a bedroom for the piano player of the saloon. Outside the saloon is an outhouse for the saloon patrons and the doctor has left his buggy here overnight.
Another view of the front.
Bedroom for the Piano Player. He is glad his night is about over. He is gazing out the window wondering how he ended up in this outpost of a town. He really needs to be in a big town, making his mark in the entertainment arena.
Susie, has brought a friend home for the night. Isn't she a cutie. The bar is closed, but the bartender (owner) of the bar and the sheriff are having a late drink. Chairs are up and the floor has been swept and ready for another day tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I guess I didn't take a picture of the church part of the building. Many changes were made to the original kit - the most notable are the rectangular windows and not round top windows.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something to wish for - a whole Christmas village.

When I got the link to this report that I so enjoyed - I just had to pass it along. Hope you enjoy it.

Take the time to watch the video. It's worth the time. Scroll to the right to play the video.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting My Sister Into Tablescaping

I have periodically sent my sister a link to a tablescape. She isn't the dish junkie that I am, but I think she could become quite addicted to dishes. She is a member of the Plaza Heights Baptist Church and on December 4th, she assisted in the table decorating. This event was sponsored by the Women's Ministry' The Christmas Luncheon was croissant sandwiches, chips, salad and beverage. The first picture is her creation and for the first time participating in something like this, it is great and I think she really enjoyed it. My sister, Linda, took the pictures. She is a great photographer.

After you check out this tablescape grouping - click on for a great variety of tablescapes. Susan, who hosts the site, has a wonderful blog.

Looks like a lot of people to enjoy the effort and, of course, the food.

After you check out this tablescape grouping - click on for a great variety of tablescapes. Susan, who hosts the site, has a wonderful blog.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Franciscan Apple Dishes and Thanksgiving

I have had a major cases of the blahs this year. My only son, Aaron, is in Afghanistan and I miss him terribly. Although we are able to talk to him about once a week; he is in a war zone and he is 9,000 miles away. The last couple of years, we have gone out to eat and that was great at some of the best restaurants in Key West, but this year I decided I wanted to cook a small turkey. It's amazing how much turkey you get from a small bird. Did not cook as much food as I generally would have if Aaron had been home, but certainly enough to keep me in turkey for a week.

My mother, aged 91, died in October. When my sister and I were clearing her apartment when it was determined she wouldn't leave the nursing home, we found she had 4 egg cups from her Franciscan Apple Dishes. She had sold the rest of her set during the time period where she sold antiques. My sister and I split the egg cups. I decided eBay was the source to recreate the set of dishes I had loved so much as a kid. I did a setting of 4 in a matter of weeks.

I am glad to Join for tablescape Thursday. They are so inspiring.

Basic green and white Checked tablecloth. Cloth from Ross.
Add red plates - wowzer red from Target. Put out apple dishes (eBay) and red handled flatware (Ross).

Centerpiece is my tribute to my favorite hobby, miniatures. Thought a little harvest scene would be appropriate.

Better view of centerpiece.

You can't see then real well, but the glasses are polka dot. They were from Target.

In front of the polka dot glasses, you find my wine glasses (yard sale find - 6 for $3.00)

Time to eat! Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bringing in the Harvest - Quarter Scale

I just finished the kit by Janet Smith - Desert Minis. I can't leave well enough alone with a kit and have to add my own story. Gertie and her husband, Big Mac, raise cattle and live on their farm. The pictures of their fair winning cattle are on the wall. The kids have grown up and left the home, but that doesn't stop old habits. The apple trees are producing this year like crazy. Gertie is canning them, making applesauce and pies. The green beans and tomatoes are making plenty for the winter and hopefully the kids will come home for the holidays and help her eat them up. Gertie loves her red kitchen and proudly displays her wedding china (or at least what is left of it) on the plate shelf in the kitchen. Gertie loves to have a well-stocked pantry.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Retro Kitchen - Quarter Inch Scale

Retro Kitchen by Cascade Miniatures

This is the overall picture of the kitchen. Excuse the fact that it is too light. But it does show the layout of the kitchen. The wallpaper border has pears in it. Plate rack is above refrigerator. I did not use the hutch kit that came with the kit. I finished it and loved it, but wanted more space in my kitchen so I left it out.

I used the plexiglass top and will save the electrical items for another project.

Here is the eating area. I have a copper tray of apples on the table. Love fruit motifs for kitchens. I did not use the wallpaper provided by the kit - I like a bit more bold paper. You can see the wide stripes on wall paper and the matching red and green rugs with pears on them.
Used a large wall picture of pears to continue the pear motif. The counter top has the coffee pot, plates, cake and fancy coffee ready for company.
This picture show a better picture of the counter top.
This was a really fun project. I rarely, if ever, complete a project in the exact manner that the provider of the kit recommends. Must be a personality disorder, but more likely, I like to make it mine. I will add other things when I get a chance to make them. Kids pictures on the fridge, a dish towel or two - perhaps hot pads. Don't know just yet.
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