Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fun Day was certainly Fun

I was up early which is no surprise.   I generally get up early and get started.   I helped Sasha set up some things.  She had broken here wrist and it was nearly impossible for her to do it by herself.   The project this year had a Moroccan Theme.

This project is comprised of a box and a liner for the box.  Gives you a chance to wire the box and show off the interior.    Smaller crowd this year, but all seemed very excited by the project. 

This was Sasha's example.   She turned it into a nursery.   Very cute.   All the lamps are wired.   

I don't know who's box this is, but it has a Sultan in it   Lots of layers and lots of glam fabrics.

The centerpiece of this one is a peacock.   

Here we have a Sultan and a belly dancer.   Didn't photograph too well due to the plexiglass on the box.   However it sure keeps things cleaner.

Another one with elegant furniture, a trunk and pillows.    

Nichole sent me pictures of the day.   We really had a lot of fun.

As you can see, everyone takes the same project and makes it their own.  So much fun.   

Hopefully mine won't be unfinished for long.   I need to finish it up soon.  

Stay tuned for my rendition of the box.  

Lakeland Fun Day is full of fun!

Well here I am at 5:30 in the morning waiting for things to get underway.   I was so tired last night from my drive from Key West to Lakeland , so I went to bed early.   That means I get up early.   But I'm raring to go.

 Today is workshops.   This morning I have a belly dancer doll class.   I thought my Moroccan project could use a belly dancer.   Hopefully she will come out well - I've done dolls, but not my specialty.   This evening I'm taking a Moroccan Trunk class.   Should be a fun day and I'll have a couple projects done.

My drive yesterday was uneventful.   Just long.   I quit using 75 as my way of getting here.   I go up the center of the state on  Hwy 27.   It moved along nicely and I actually get to see some interesting     
sites.   There are two old places that I just love.  One is an Alligator tourist stop and the other is an old cafe with a huge pineapple out front.   I will see if I can find pics on this device to post.   If not, I will post later.  Couldn't find them on my iPad, but here they are a little later. 

My belly dancer class turned out terrific.   Taught by Tish Tierney.   Her instructions were good and precise.   The class moved along nicely and I finished my project.

The first picture is of the finished belly Dancer.    The 2nd is various phases during the day.   I found the way of finishing the edges of the fabric fascinating with glitter.   However, it goes everywhere.  Oh well, most of us could use a little sparkle.  

The last picture is of the trunk.   This class was taught by Susan Wener in the evening.   Learned several new techniques and had a lot of fun.

I generally like to post comments right next to the picture but my blogger on my iPad isn't working quite right this morning. (oops, too tired to finish this last night).

Today is FUN DAY.   We will do the box that will house all my treasures.    Tonight is the preview show of the sales' room.   Oh what fun.

The Alligator building the pineapple aren't on my iPad.   Will update late.     Oh by the way, I'm up really early again.   It's only 5:30 - way too early for breakfast.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June OMB - beach house

I love the OMB projects.  Keeps me on track.   Living in Key West, I love beaches.   This project is quarter scale.   I had a plastic travel case that makes the perfect display case for the beach scene.  

Very little project but large amount of fun top down!