Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fun Day was certainly Fun

I was up early which is no surprise.   I generally get up early and get started.   I helped Sasha set up some things.  She had broken here wrist and it was nearly impossible for her to do it by herself.   The project this year had a Moroccan Theme.

This project is comprised of a box and a liner for the box.  Gives you a chance to wire the box and show off the interior.    Smaller crowd this year, but all seemed very excited by the project. 

This was Sasha's example.   She turned it into a nursery.   Very cute.   All the lamps are wired.   

I don't know who's box this is, but it has a Sultan in it   Lots of layers and lots of glam fabrics.

The centerpiece of this one is a peacock.   

Here we have a Sultan and a belly dancer.   Didn't photograph too well due to the plexiglass on the box.   However it sure keeps things cleaner.

Another one with elegant furniture, a trunk and pillows.    

Nichole sent me pictures of the day.   We really had a lot of fun.

As you can see, everyone takes the same project and makes it their own.  So much fun.   

Hopefully mine won't be unfinished for long.   I need to finish it up soon.  

Stay tuned for my rendition of the box.