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Friday, September 5, 2014

September OMB - Green Farm House

As you know, I love this challenge.   Gives me a  great chance to make and complete items.   I also very seldom purchase a completed structure because I enjoy assembling them.   This green farm house was built and landscaped so all I had to do was to furnish it and add a few finishing touches on the outside.   It was obtained on eBay with 'or best offer' auction.   We went back and forth several times and after assessing what a kit would cost me; I got a completed structure for basically kit price.   I think it was a great deal.  
The following two pictures shows the interior.   No paper, unfinished floor, a couple of un-installed walls, and no interior window treatment.  

 Here's the outside.   I have a grill and picnic table on the upper porch.  
 Table and chairs, and flower arrangement on the front porch.   Very welcoming I think.   The most welcoming is the little Jack Russell - he loves company.

A little different angle on the porches.  

 First, I didn't notice until after I photographed everything was that the TV was really prominent in the pictures.   It was a back edition of Leverage.   Great series, doesn't add much tot he miniatures, but I'll try to avoid that in the future. 
Houses that I develop a story for work out so much better for me than just furnishing a house.   Starting with the attic - she loves her stuff.   She?   She is the very confident, very self-sufficient, very well off single woman who likes being single.   In the attic are pieces that I love, but haven't fit in any other setting   Like the wardrobe in the back.   Loved it and participated in a Bavarian swap, but this little wardrobe needed a home - the attic is perfect. 
Upstairs is a bedroom furnished in animal prints with an aged leather sofa, chair and ottoman.   Has a large TV, with none in the Living Room.   Next to that she has a library/study for her reading, scrap booking, bill paying etc.  She loves the view.   She can go outside and grill, have her morning coffee, etc.   She loves it there. 

 Here's the kitchen.  She loves turquoise.   She is getting ready for company and has the table with glasses and cake ready to go to the dining table.  She also loves nautical things and you see that by the all art and rugs. 
 Another view of the kitchen.
 Here's the living/dining area.   She loves the striped chair and the green love seat.   Loves the skirted dining table.   She has a lot of dishes in her hutch.   Some snack items on the table already along with wine chilling.   Should be fun.  

The living room has my little bookshelf project done in Orlando.   You can see that project Here

Here is one last picture.   I really love this project and once they are papered, furnishing is fun with my staff.  
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