Re-exploring Key West

Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Market Stall - Workshop at Sarasota FL

I absolutely love market stalls and you've seen several of them that I've done.   There are several shows in Florida that I like to attend.   I don't do all of them, but as many as I can get to.    The Sarasota show was held last weekend and it was great.   I wasn't too excited about the show - too much going on this year, but when I saw the list of workshops I was especially taken with one workshop.   Jill Castoral was offering one that was especially interesting.   She teaches a great class and her helper in the class is Pat Holstrom and she is also easy to work with.   After contacting some friends that I actually met at that show in one of Jill's classes several years ago, and found out they were coming; it was a must attend.
 Totally finished.   Makes me want the holidays to roll around a bit faster. 
 Base of stall area.
 Shelf in the stall.  
 Top of stall
 Stall from the side
 Another view.
 Top of stall.   There is a light in the stall and it lights the window above.  
 Close-up of shelves. 

Counter area. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I haven't forgotten the tease

On the last day of October (National Dollhouse Miniature Month) I teased with a 'fix-up' of my large dollhouse.   You can see that post HERE.   Well, I haven't forgotten this tease.   Finally found the Velcro that I needed to start on the outside base and you will start seeing pictures next week.     A lot later than I thought, but feel that I am finally making progress.