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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day of National Dollhouse Miniature Month

I want to thank all of you who have been following my blogs this month.   It has been great fun and I have received lots of great comments.   Thanks to those of you who have signed on as followers - I appreciate your interest and it makes me want to produce a better blog for you.

If you signed up for email updates, thanks.   I hope to keep them coming for you.

All month I have touted finished projects and additional enhancements to existing projects.   Today  I am going to break that with a great big 

The following neglected dollhouse has been mine for about 25 years.   My husband gave it to me and wondered why it took so long to put together.   It was hard work!!!!   It looked lovely, but Hurricane Wilma did a number on her.   That much humidity did nothing for the wiring and didn't help the wall paper.   Well when you neglect a project, it seems to get worse by the day.

These are all what I will call Before pictures, because in the next few weeks, I want to update the rooms, rearrange some furniture, add some things to each room and take away the out of date and/or damaged items.  

 She doesn't look too bad in this photo.   The table she is on needs a skirt so the storage doesn't distract from the house.   My theme for the house is Christmas Wedding.   
 This is the attic.   One side is to be a guest room, the other is storage.   I'm sorry you can't tell.   I've been planning this for awhile and as I acquire new lighting fixtures and new items, I've just been pitching them in the attic.   It looks like it has been ransacked.   
 This is the nursery.   Poor furniture tipped over.   Really needs some work.  

The bride in the bathroom is in dire need of some assistance.   The tub has become unglued and the poor bride has fallen over.   She needs a really nice  bath and she shall have it.  

The living room is a collection of more presents and things to enhance the Christmas wedding theme.    Really looks like someone has made a big mess; but will be fixed.  

 More wiring in the porch.   Needs some work. (to say the least)
 Master bedroom.   Needs some refreshing and all the toys picked up.  
 This is the father's den.  It is in the process of being set up with the gift table.   So far, not so good.  
One of the worst rooms in the house is the kitchen.   It really needs some help.  
I forgot to take a picture of the dining room, but I will include before when I post after.   

Stay tuned!

Thanks again for following my blog.   


Steinworks said...

it looks like a hurricane went though and whipped up everything!

marisa :)

Barb K said...

Hey Sheila - I have a couple of houses that look the same - the effects of moving makes them appear to have been through a tornado. I must make them a priority when I return from Florida.

I do find it interesting that the bridal gown and the bassinet are in the same room. Did someone put the baby ahead of the wedding???