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Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh, Those Unfinished Projects Quarter scale

Have you had a project that you loved and for some reason, it just didn't get finished.  It got looked at, dragged out of storage, mulled over and yet - it remains still unfinished.   Oh what disappointment.  

Quarter Connection had a project during September to finished started projects.  Finished means, furnished, landscaped -- in other words, any thing that was needed to display it.

My first was a little house done in Mary Englebreit style.   I loved the little house.   It was from a yard sale and after adding a floor for the bedroom and painting, wallpapering etc, it was ready to go.   Then the dilemma of how to display.   It didn't seem complete to be displayed all by itself.   I had these little building fronts that actually formed a box and I thought they were cute and they didn't seem to have a home either   Then I thought, why don't I do a ME compound.   This is the final project, my ME Compound with a display of several snow men and lot of snow.   Burrrr!!!!

Join me tomorrow for another finished project.   

I will post everyday during October for National Dollhouse Miniature Month.   

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