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Sunday, October 7, 2012

How do you assemble a kit - Day 2

I'm still working on my little kit that I started yesterday.   The reason I am spending so much time on this process is to give followers an idea of the effort that goes into the process.   

This is the kit that I am working on.  Yesterday I went over the beginning stages of this  kit.   Lots of gluing and assembling.  

Today I am working on contents.  Yesterday I did the bird seed bags, there were 12 of those.   Today I am doing bird houses.   There were 9 houses that needed to be glued together.  18 pieces that needed to be glued.  Let glue dry.  Cut out graphics for 6 of the bird houses.   Add front and sides, then back, then roof.   3 of the houses had to be painted.   I'd rather do the graphics.    Also painted and then stained 2 hay bales.   You can see one on the red paint stick.   I also assembled the bench and then stained it.   They are very delicate and I find a stain pen works great.   

Here are 5 of the bird houses with the graphics applied.   These graphics are very small.   I spent about 10 minutes crawling around the floor (now that's a scary scene) looking for the front graphic of a birdhouse.  If it had been the back, I probably would have just painted it.   

I really didn't like painting the 3 birdhouses, but they turned out really cute once done.   

First, my apologies for the bad picture.    There was a kit with 5 different birdhouses in the main kit.   They all required you to apply 4 graphics to each birdhouse.  Both sides, front and back.   Then add a roof.   Also very tiny.   Look at the dime - bigger than 3 of the birdhouses together.   

I spent about 2 hours painting, gluing and waiting for glue to dry.   So far about 4 hours invested in kit.   


Jodi said...

Love following along on your kit...looks like fun :)

Jodi Anderson
Las Vegas

Steinworks said...

it looks like a fun kit, can't wait to see it finished :)

Marisa :)