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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sharing swaps

One of the most fun gifts I've ever given was an Advent gift that I gave my sister-in-law, Linda, last Christmas.    She is interested in miniatures and doll houses.   Not nearly to the extent that I am, but still shows lots of interest.   2 years ago I got her 'Lisa Cottage' and she loved putting that little doll house together.   Last year, after she mentioned that she needed things to finish off the house, I gave her an Advent Bag.   One gift a day for 24 days.   

Unfortunately, I didn't photograph the items, but I did photograph the bag, which was a Hobby Lobby embellished small tote bag.

I told Linda that I would know if she broke the rule of opening more than one a day.   One day temptation got the best of her and she opened something that needed some explanation.   I knew she couldn't go 25 days without breaking the rules.    She wants to send the bag back so I can do it again this year.   We'll see.   

 The photograph is from the Ringling Museum in Sarasota Florida.   One of my all-time favorite places. They have a large circus in 3/4 inch scale.   It is worthy of several visits.   


Tray of Cookies

 Art Apron

Here's what I gave her:

  1. Heat Stove
  2. Back Pack
  3. Raggedy Ann Gift Bag
  4. Basket with toys
  5. 4 plates
  6. 2 completed sandwich plates (sandwiches pictured above)
  7. 2 art books
  8. six hair rollers
  9. 2 open books
  10. art apron  (pictured above)
  11. cheese and grapes
  12. 2 kid books
  13. xylophone
  14. pizza
  15. cleaning box, with comet and sponge
  16. rocking horse
  17. perfume bottle and vanity tray
  18. cannoli and Italian bread
  19. cake on a cake stand
  20. fern stand (this is what she opened early, it was unpainted and didn't know what it was until I told her)
  21. Tea Set
  22. Turkey and Hen Set (wrapped like you would find them at he store in the frozen food section)
  23. tray with cookies and a cookbook (pictured above  w/o cookbook.   
  24. S'more kit 

I'm so sorry that I don't have pictures of all of them, but maybe if I do it again, I'll be better. 


Barb M. said...

What a neat idea! Loved the pictures you shared. Will have to try making the sandwich plate!

Michele said...

great idea! I love the embellished bag.