Re-exploring Key West

Monday, October 8, 2012

How do you assemble a kit - Day 3

Today we finish the kit.   I started this two days ago and have taken you through the steps.   Today the fun starts - it's finished or will be shortly.

The first day it was lots of gluing and assembling.   Then day two it was mostly making birdhouses and other contents.

Today we will put it all together. 

I had to add the greenery to the tree inside the shop and the trellis and the side with the wagon wheel.

 The tree has to be draped with the greenery.   A little (very little) glue holds it in place.  

The trellis needs to be put in place, greenery added and then yellow flowers added to the greenery.   

Sorry about the fuzzy picture.   Wagon wheel sitting in greenery with red flowers.   

Finished project.   Lots of bird houses and lots of bird seed.   Bench is in front with a couple of bird houses on it.  Two hay bales used for display.   Sign added to wall.   

I told you it was small.  The case is a baseball display case.   

I said think baseball.   A very cute project.   Very easy to assemble.   It took slightly less then 6 hours over 3 days.   A lot of that time was waiting for glue and paint to dry, but probably an accurate amount of time to complete the project.   

It was great fun!

Join me tomorrow for more minis.