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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still Life Swap

When does a picture turn into something else.   Most of my miniature friends have a hard time looking at anything and not at least casually figuring out how they would do it in miniature.   Well, pictures are the same.    This is what started one of my favorite swaps.

Isn't that a great picture.   Look at all the items:  books, food, cups, tea pots, spoons and spatulas, canned goods, rooster stand, corn husk dolls, pot holders, garlic, plants  and more items.    Very fascinating.    On Yahoo group, Swap Shop, we voted on pictures to pick this one and then divided it up into 12 pieces.   My piece was to do the 7 books, the bowl of apples and the lone apple.  

Unfortunately 2 of the swappers failed to deliver (one did swap individually later), but 10 of them did a wonderful job of completing the swap.    They were very careful about the scale and everything fit.   

The day my swap arrived in the mail, I sat down and assembled it.   I had to find some raffia to make the corn husk doll (mine is too big, but I will try it again.

Here is the finished project.

 One of the participants made the box.   The picture was put on an easel and it is in a Plexiglas covered box.   
 There is such a quantity of items in the little hutch.  

This was really, really fun.   We are looking forward to doing another swap of this type.   Take a close look at all the items that it took to recreate this picture.     

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