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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's visit the diner - AGAIN

Last October I posted about a diner I had done.   You can see that post HERE   In that post, I mentioned that my husband said they were going broke because they had no customers.   Here is how the project was posted.
This is how the project appeared.   One couple at the booth.   

Here is how it looks now.

I added a door to the kitchen.   I also added a customer at the counter and a waitress.  The customer brought his paper to read, but would rather visit with waitress.  

Added an empty plate at the other booth.    

Looks like a much more prosperous diner.   Lots of activity.   Lots of people.   

I think it makes me hungry for a hamburger.

The food kit and the diner kit are by Janet Smith from The little dolls are by Janet Stockwell. 

Sometimes when you think you are finished with a mini scene, you are not quite there.   Now I feel the scene is done.    

1 comment:

Steinworks said...

it looks wonderful, I've never tried quarter scale

I shall put it on my to do list :)

Marisa :)