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Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's get out the decorations for Halloween

I love to decorate for holidays and in my house, decorating for Halloween is almost as much as I do for Christmas.    I try to get the decorations up on October 1st, transition then for Thanksgiving (a lot less items) then gear up again for Christmas.

What Halloween Holiday would be without my mini Halloween scenes.

My first Halloween scene was started in 2005 and you can read about it HERE   It was a long-term project.   It got put on hold due to Hurricane Wilma.   

I just love the holiday and like it done in many ways.   The next scene changed from 1 inch scale to quarter scale.

To find that original post, you and find it HERE.   It was a fun little project and I hope you find it fun.   

I hope you have a very Happy Halloween!   

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