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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Miniatures for October

October was strictly a quarter scale month.  No 1/12 items at all.  

The first project was the quarter connection 2011 NAME Day project.   The main project was the center island.   The rest of the project was the Quarter Connection Kit and Swaps with fellow QC members.   It is also a lighted project over the kitchen sink.   It is a fun project every year.   I will talk more about the NAME DAY projects later in the month.

I've talked a lot about the Diner and the following picture is how it was blogged originally in 2011.   Just recently I posted an update.   Scroll down.  

This is the updated version.   More people (including a waitress), more food, door behind the counter for the kitchen.   Sometimes you don't know when something is done.    When I originally finished it my husband said they would go broke without more business.   Duly noted!  

Another Quarter Connection project, the upstairs workroom.   This is really full and the dollhouse is making great progress.  Please note the TV mounted on the wall.   I would have to have a TV.  

Well the following project grew out of the one just reviewed.   I had too much stuff for the upstairs workroom, so I made another little workroom.     I just love this little room and it is very small.   

 I just love how this hobby grows and sometimes develops a life of it's own.    

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Steinworks said...

wow those are just amazing, I never knew you could do all that with quarter scale.

Marisa :)