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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grape Harvest Celebration 1/12 scale

After the harvest, it's time to celebrate.   This project, in 1/12 scale, was started in June at the Lakeland, Fl Show and Fun Day.   Jill Castoral was the instructor.   When I got home I finished it up but decided it needed more.   Her project was great, I just can't leave well enough alone.   I always have to add just a 'little' more.   I took a 8x10 frame and make a floor on some Masonite and added a harvest table, a crate of grapes, a cat and a tiny mouse.   Tools are starting to be put up and it's time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There is a light in the upper part of the cabinet to show off the stained glass.   

Cat can watch the mouse from his nice location.   (Mouse is in front of bucket in the other corner)

The light is a real asset in the cabinet.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow I will tell you how to make the grapes.   They are quick, simple and cheap.  

The floor is stucco wall paper cut into squares with mock grass added between blocks.   

I enjoy you stopping by for this month in celebration of National Dollhouse Miniature Month.   Stop by tomorrow for the grape lesson.   


Crystal said...

What a super nice scene. I love it, and whatever you added to it that was not part of the initial project, well I don't think it was too much. Because it's awesome.

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Crystal, I have a tough time leaving well enough alone. The original scene was just the box and I added everything else.