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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another started projects finished. Quarter Scale Bedrooms

I love boxes and especially boxes that can hold a Plexiglas cover.   This little box has been on my work table for months.   A month ago I painted it and put little bedroom furniture in it.   I have so much unused furniture and I hate to have that.   I like to see my 'stuff'.   The painted box and the furniture sat there and sat there some more.   Not a good situation.  

Here is how it turned out.   

Now my little box is on the wall and displays the furniture and accessories that I love.   

Join me tomorrow for another post for National Dollhouse Miniature Month.   


Crystal said...

I love it....and I see an item I made in there :)

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Crystal, isn't that fun to see someone else use something you made. I love that feeling.

Crystal said...

Me makes me feel that my work is good enough....haha I also love using other peoples work. So many talented miniaturists out there.