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Monday, October 22, 2012

Miniatures for September

My guess is that everyone who pursues a craft (sewing, scrap booking, minis, photography, etc) dreams of a larger, more organized craft room.   Most crafters I know, myself included, have moved from room to room, garage to basement, kitchen or dining room etc.   It is hard to get it right.   I would love to have all my hobbies in one room.   I'm close here in mini land.   This sewing room, first looks out at a great view (very important for inspiration).   It has room for sewing, gift wrapping, photography, scrap booking, and just daydreaming in front of the window.   
 I love scrap booking and have lots of stuff stacked up to get finished   I am way more organized in my mini room.   The one on your left show a page being worked on.  It is me visiting Santa when I was a very young child.   Lots of tools, glue, etc.    Space to have a friend scrapbook with me.   That makes the hobby even more fun.   
 Here is my sewing space and when I put the sewing items on the lower shelf, I have a great space to gift wrap with papers and ribbons at the ready.     The sewing machine has a bulletin board ready for current and future projects.    you can see the camera on the peg shelf, always at the ready to document a project or progress on a project.   

 The Ideal Craft room is 1/12 scale.

Below is an atrium done in a workshop at the Lakeland Fun Day.   Fun Days generally are connected with a show and sale and generally there are workshops offered a day or two before the sale.   Ron of Ron's Miniatures offered this little quarter scale atrium.    Still can't figure what I want to do with the interior, but some time the inspiration will hit.   

Do you have any ideas for the interior???? If so, leave a comment.  

The following project is what didn't fit into the ideal craft room shown first in this post.   I moved my easel every which way and finally figured I needed a dream area to sit and day dream, look at the scenery, and do a little desk work in my dream craft area and the paint area would  just have to be separate.   So here it in in a gallon can.   It uses scrapbook paper for the background.   It gives the impression of the inside of an unfinished wood building that has taken it's fair share of paint.  
 It has a table with paints, extra canvas, finished art work, a sketch and a canvas ready for that interpretation of that sketch.   
 This little paint room as a light (you can see the button on the top). Gives a lot more access to the nooks and crannies of the room.  

Lots of stuff, not too neat, but looks like a lot of fun is had in this painting spot.   

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