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Friday, October 12, 2012

Unfinished project - Italian Restaurant QS

I really have been trying to finish up those LINGERING unfinished projects.   Sometimes they linger and then linger a while longer.    This little guy is a scrubby holder and he was so very cute.   I put the window inside, added the both and filled it with food etc.   The scrubby holder floor is elevated with plaster of Paris so you wouldn't be looking down into the container.   It sat on a shelf for months (could be a couple of years).   It needed more.   

Here's how it looked when I took it off the shelf.

Isn't he cute!  

Added a booth, a window.   The table is set with plates, napkins, silverware, wine glasses, wine, and a pizza.   Yum!  

Well, now it needed a base and some more furniture.   

How do you get tables?   Beer tops and golf tees.   

 How do you get stools?  Golf tees and little rounds of wood.  

Can't just have people wandering into the dining area so a little fence would limit access.   Little pegs and jewelry chain.  

A little spray paint gives you great tables and stools.   Printie flooring for the base. and then spray paint the chain fence.   

Now, let's assemble this little restaurant.  

The waiter is seating two customers.   They have been shopping and are loaded down with shopping bags.   So far, only the menus are on the tables, the shoppers have to relax a bit and decide what they want to drink and eat.   

This young fellow is waiting for his date to show up.  He's already got his pizza, but she is always late. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't start eating the pizza without her.    The little dolls are all by Janet Stockwell.  

See the menu board.   Lots of good food to choose from .

This little scene is making me want Italian food.   

Another project done!!

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I think it's very cute ;)