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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miniatures for November and December

Well, let's finish off the year.   As you have seen, some months are really productive and others not so much.   

All my projects for the end of the year were quarter scale.     

This first project was the souvenir house for the Quarter Connection Virtual Convention.   HERE   is where you can see my presentation for the virtual luncheon.   

I am absolutely crazy about 'four season' scenes.   I have 3 more kits to do the other 3 seasons.   Don't know when I will get them done, but I do know the inspiration will hit at some time.   

 You might not realize it, but on the porch is an ice cream freezer - what a great 4th of July custom.   

I had the above picture on my iPad and last January I met a woman at Sarasota who mentioned the virtual convention and what she had made as a swap.   She had made a little swimming pool.   When I showed her the picture, she was absolutely thrilled - it was her contribution.   That was SUCH FUN!

On another yahoo group - Small and Smaller - they had a tea room swap.   Most of the participants did their rooms in tea pots.   I had this great box that I had gotten for a few dollars at a yard sale and I wanted to o mine in the box.   Tea shop on lower level and bedroom upstairs.   This project will make a reappearance at some time because I think both rooms need more 'stuff'.   

 I love the bedroom.   However, can you imagine that I wouldn't have things on the walls.   Just haven't found the right stuff yet, But I Will!

This little frame with the box built behind it was an item that I won in a quarter connection auction.   When it arrived I figured I would just wrap it up and wait until later to do the room.    It was getting way too close to Christmas to worry about it.   It sat on my workbench for a few days and one day it basically assembled itself.   Once I added the love seat and chair and the tree  the rest was a piece of cake.   Just gathered things from my stash and it was done.    I love snowmen and thought t would make a great addition to my collection      Do any of you like snowmen?   HERE is my snowman collection.   

 Now it shouldn't be a surprise to you that I love Mary Englebreit, almost as much as I like Raggedy Ann and Andy.    I am truly not sure when this will be done, but it is furnished and lighted and useful because of the clock, so at the present time, it awaits another hit of inspiration.   

My favorite room is the living room.   

Stay tuned, I know something will appear in this clock at some later time.   If its substantial, I will post about it.

I've been posting about 2011 projects - there were 24 of them.   As you can tell, I love minis.   

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Fern Rouleau said...

Love all your mini scenes. I have done almost all of them too...LOL

Great furnishings too!