Re-exploring Key West

Monday, September 17, 2018

When does a purchase make it a Collection ???

Last Friday I went to a yard sale, you know how much I love yard sales, and bought a few things.      One of the items I purchased was a pull toy.  The cord was raveled, one feather was falling off and it was a bit dusty.  A clean up with a baby wipe and it was beginning to look really good.  A little glue and the feather was back in place.  I replaced the cord with a bright red pull cord.  It’s looking Good!!!

All the time I was working on my new pull toy, I was thinking ……I have an elephant pull toy.  I went to find it and what I found was a rabbit pull toy.   Where oh where is the elephant pull Roy. Well it was with my 4 th of July items.  GOODNESS 3 pull toys.  I HAVE A COLLECTION.   


Monday, September 3, 2018

August OMB - Little restaurant

I've had this little corner space for a very long time and didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do with it.  Looking at parts I had, I decided it would be a very nice little restaurant.   The couple are having a spaghetti dinner and I think they are looking forward to a very nice evening.   The single individual is waiting for a friend whose brew is getting ward. 

Love these little scenes. I hope you do too!


OH GOODY   Cake for dessert!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Art Unraveled - Day 5 - Phoenix

Laurie Mika’s class on polymer clay shrines  was on the agenda today.   This is the 3rd time that I have taken one of her  classes.   She’s good and knows tons of things you need to learn and she is easy to deal with!!!!   It is always a pleasure to take her class.

This shows some of the things that Laurie makes.

Here were the samples showing what we were going to make today.


Here were the hands that several of the students made.  

Mine is the following gold one with the red rhinestone chain attached.


Here’s my final project.

Very happy with the day.

Tomorrow I return home.   It’s been great fun!!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Art Unraveled - Day 4 - Phoenix

Today was fun.   Classses didn’t start until noon.   The morning, at 9 am, they started a sales room where the vendors could sell their work.  Well, of course, I was there.  Such fun.   Lots of vendors, and lots of great stuff.

The class was taught by Sandra Duran Wilson and the name of the course was Scribble to Structure - creating with color, composition and values.

It was fun.   All the work was done in Acrylic!

Teachers work.  


These last ones were he works in process from this classe.

My table mates work follows.


My work.   We started out with one big piece and then it was cut into 12 pieces.    It was great fun. 

Really believe there is some merit to Sandra’s methods.   There are still 4 that need some work.


Friday, August 3, 2018

Art Unraveled - Day 3 - Phoenix

Assemblage????   That’s the art of taking generally unrelated pieces and making something totally new from those pieces.   It can take the shape of about anything.  

I’ve done assemblage for years but really wanted to take a class from someone who makes a living teaching assemblage and selling their work.   

Work of Kristen Penrod - 
Isn’t she lovely.   I love her lips and her clothes and especially her hair!!!

She is really interesting but ready to go (she’s on wheels).


Love her work.    When I signed up for this class, I contacted Kristen to see if what I was thinking of making would work in her class.   I sent her pictures of what I was wanting to work with.

Here is one of the pictures that I sent her.

Here is what she looked like at the end of class.

She is actually unattached because she has to fly home on Monday and I’d hate to have her all broken to pieces.

Pieces in various state of completion from other class members.  



As you can tell, everyone had a different image.   Another fun day creating art!!!


Thursday, August 2, 2018

Art Unraveled - Phoenix - Day 2

Today was very similar to yesterday. - Only in watercolor and not acrylics.

This was Sunny’s work today.   Yesterday we had 20- people in class - today only 5.  

My work

Yesterday I did two girl pictures.   Today a guy picture.   

Others in the class.

Totally different day from yesterday.   Fun.  

Come back tomorrow and see what is going on with my assemblage class.