Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Assemblage art - Do you know what that is????

I’ve mentioned my friend Michele in several posts over the years.   She is a very inspiring and talented lady.   I actually met her on an online group of assemblage artists.   I like assemblage art but I’m not nearly as good or as consistently involved in assemblage as Michele.     She is visiting Key West and was making an assemblage piece as a trade for another piece of art.   Again, she is very impressive in her work.

 Isn’t this a great looking doll.   She underwent a total make over to express her true personality.

What a total transformation and that is assemblage art.   Way to go Michele.   

Torso - and all that jewelry

Several years ago my friend Michele gave me a torso.  I looked at all sorts of things to do it and for several years the torso moved from an outside storage shed to my fence,   One day while browsing Etsy I found a torso covered with jewelry and buttons and other interesting items.   Well, that was an ah-ha moment and I wanted to do that.    I had a lot of old jewelry but not anywhere near enough.    One day when I was at a yard sale I bought a bunch of old jewelry.   That added to a long time of collecting old jewelry and I decided now was the time.    To get the torso covered you need to snip off ear ring backings and hooks on lapel pins and anything that would keep the item from setting solid on the torso.   

This project took tons more items than I imagined and took a lot more time than I imagined.    Worth the efforts.

I am oh so happy with the outcome.   I am sure it will be one of my favorite pieces for a very long time.     

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February OMB Project—Valentine’s Day and Easter Market Stall

My OMB project is a Valentine Day and Easter  Market Stall.  It’s a quarter scale. Lots of cute items :  cookies, a bottle of wine, flowers, books.   This stall also is selling Easter items.   

I love the two holidays we're celebrating and I positively love market stalls.       Enjoy. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

One of my obsessions is making Jewelry!!! More Necklaces!!!

My husband is always teasing me about getting or making another necklace.   My usual answer to whether or not I have enough necklaces is ‘almost enough”.   Well, I’m getting closer.

A few weeks ago I went to a yard sale and bought a whole bunch of beads in two plastic boxes.   One of the bosses had about a gallon of small pearls.  I thought they would make nice necklaces.   What do you think.

 Red is one of my favorite colored!

Black is also a favorite.

More red, more black and another choice or two.

This was rewired because wire had tarnished.   All new and ready to wear!

Arrow head gussied up!   Love it. 

This piece was also rewrapped.   Makes it look quite new.

Some of my favorite colors.  

More Blue - also a favorite.

More Black.

The bottom one really turned out better than I thought.   Wore it this morning to breakfast and can tell it will be one of my favorites.   

I can’t help it but sometimes I get obsessive.   This week has been one of them.   

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Recently I participated in a swap for 1/12 scale Christmas ornaments.   Well they arrived recently and here is the finished 6 Inch Tree.  Used all the ornaments from the swap and a few others I had on hand.  


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

December OMB

It’s been a busy year with doing so many unfinished projects during the year.   Keeps me moving and getting lots of things done.   I found a supply of these little cloches and I LOVE THEM. You will probably see them in the future.   

In this festive little room we are waiting for our guests to show up so we can have some snacks and open gifts.   Always fun.

The chair backs have little doll houses featured on them.   Don’t miss the cat who has stacked out her spot.    Oh what fun we are to have!!!!