Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping things out of the landfill - a trash picker's paradise

I don't often repeat a post that I find somewhere else, but for this I'll make an exception

HERE      is the link,   It's not a very long video, but worth the time to watch.   It's about a sanitation worker who has been finding things in the trash for a very long time and it's displayed.   He is not allowed to keep it, but it is on display.   Currently not display to the public but maybe soon it will be.

Well, I have an aversion to seeing things go into the landfill.   I bring quite a bit of stuff home, not nearly as much as I would like, but quite a bit.   Most of it gets cleaned up and donated to the Salvation Army or giving to a sister sorority for their sales for charitable donations.

Well, my sister and I talked a lot about trash picking yesterday and amazing, on my walk this morning, I found 7 wine glasses.

I saw this box sitting on the road next to a trash can.   I thought - what the hell, who couldn't use more wine glasses.   I got them home, washed up, and will put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill.   A very good way to get the day started.
 Not much to catch my attention, but it did.
 7 perfectly good wine glasses - no chips!   I call it a set of 6 plus a spare.


Friday, August 19, 2016

August OMB - Kits, kits and more kits

I find it very difficult to finish projects if I have to stop what I'm doing and construct a table, a chair set, dresser, etc.    I like to make up several kits, 10 this month.   I made two sets of table and chairs, dollhouses, booth, cozy corner set, dresser for entry way and three kitchen accessories. 

 The kitchen accessories are really cute.

Watch for these items in upcoming projects.    

Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Robots

I love recycling - I love recycling.   I hate seeing things being thrown out just to wind up in the land fills.   I, of course, throw some things out, but many things speak to me and they get given a new life.   

This is my latest endeavor.  

The soft ball has been in a shed for at least 10 years, the loving cup was something that I used a marble base from the full piece for another project.   The hat was a little piece that caught my attention in a parking lot in town,   I like this loving-cup hero!   

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Tin Baby - only smaller

A few weeks ago I posted about making a Raggedy Ann Tin Baby.   You can find it  HERE  Well if one Raggedy Ann Tin Baby is good, two is even better.

I did have two of the little containers, but the other one must have bit the dust.   Silly me!   

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another TIn Baby

Early this spring I went to Portland Oregon and attended a lot of classes.   One of them was on Tin Babies.   I took the raggedy Ann  tin, not so much to do it there, but to learn how to do it.   Here is the tin baby I made while I was there.   The instructor was. Erin Keck


This looks pretty big in the picture, but total size is about 7 inches.


Tin is ready!


Without a haircut.


After the haircut.


All done!

This was fun.   Will have to do more of these.  

Don't. You love robots?

I love robots.   I made quite a few about 6 years ago.   I still have 3 of them and the rest have bit the dust.   Well, I'm back at it.   This camera shot craps on me and then I added a piece or two or three for the eyes.   Then it sat therei for months.   I couldn't figure out how to attach the arms and legs.   These little cameras are really - REALLY - reinforced and were very hard to screw into.   Anyway - this week I dragged everything out again and this is the final result.


I am really pleased with how it turned out.   Will do some more of them.  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

July OMB QS Project - Christmas Market Stall

As most of you know, I do lots of miniature swaps.   It is a great way of acquiring miniature items at a reasonable cost.

One of the groups I belong to is Swap Shop.   It started as only 1/12 scale and over a period of time it has progressed to about half & half of 1/12 scale and 1/4 scale.   Recently our theme was Christmas Market Stall.   Our swap hostess, Fern  made the little stalls for us and we all contributed things to fill them.

Here is the front of the stall.   Fern was nice to ask what color roof we wanted.   I picked Green.

I gave the stall a quick coat of light beige.  

I got angels, Christmas trees, centerpiece, angels and a hanging Santa hook in the swap.   I made a snowman for everyone and had several left over and used them all.   I also got one decorated Christmas tree and added them to others in my stash.  

One thing you might notice is that I put these types of projects on clear Plexiglas.   That makes the ground where they are displayed more prominent and it shows thru and the Plexiglas fades into the background.  

Now I can't wait until Christmas to get this out for all to see.   Still have a couple of things to do for the stall.   I want some filled shopping bags.   That will be cute I think.

Come back next month and see the August project.