Tuesday, October 25, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 25 - Ready for Christmas Eve

The problem with workshops is that generally there are several that I want to take at the same time.   A few years ago, I had signed up for one at Lakeland, Florida.   After I had signed up for one, I found another one I wanted to take.   I kept leaving one workshop and taking pictures of the next workshop to get an indication of what it took to get it done.   Pat Gazie is a great miniature artist and I took her project home and it sat on a shelf for quite some time.   When I got ready to make it, my pictures really weren't enough.  Pictures did help a little but most of it was trial and error and several phone calls to Pat.     Some of it I totally reworked and I am really happy with it.

Christmas eve has always been a great holiday.   Sometimes more celebrated than Christmas day.   I wanted this room to be elegant, comfortable and lots of interesting things to look at.    Let me know if you think I succeeded. 

It has a great couch, and chair.   There were to be several columns in the room and I apparently have NO knack for making columns and after fussing with them for what seemed like a very long time, I decided against making them.   Glad I did.   Gives a really good view of the tree and the corner when I have table and chair. 

The coffee table ifs full of yummy food to eat.  

I can just see the head of the household taking the seat next to the table.   Cheers!

I would generally have more than one item on the mantle, but I thought the Santa looked quite content being by himself.  

A little space for the kids to play.  

The scene is 1/12 scale and about 12 x 12 inches.   I have it covered with a plastic container that keeps all the dust from settling on the scene.

Brings back lots of happy memories.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 24 - Christmas in a box!

You know those little gift boxes that you can find at the Dollar Store or other places.   I love them!

This project is quarter scale.   It is lighted with a battery light at the top behind the bow.   I love ribbon with wire in the edges.  They stay put when you do a bow.

 I left the back of the box alone and papered the sides.   Cut a hole in the top and put in Plexiglas.

More snoe men.   Love the little green couch and chair.   Easy to make and fit in lots of environments.  

Take a look at the wreath.  You saw one in yesterday's project.   It is a charm.   Perfect scale.   

I said I like snowmen.   Thought I would give you a picture from my Christmas display in real life size. 

See, I really do like snowmen!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 23 - Christmas in a Frame

This project is quarter scale.   I bid on this frame at one of the auctions that Quarter Connection hosts each year.   I didn't get it.   A couple hours after the auction closed, I got an email saying they had two and I could get it at my last bid.   Well, of course, I said yes.

I bet you might have bid on this frame.   Remember, I love snowmen.  

Lots of little stuff in this room.   I love all the use of the snowmen.   I also love packages by the tree. 

One of my favorite pieces.   It is quarter scale.  The wreath on the back wall is a charm.   Worked really well.

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas tomorrow.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 22 Toy Store - Group Project

Every once in awhile, I do a group project.   I can't remember how many did this store.   Some of the participants used different settings, but I loved this little project.   Each participant choose one item to make and made enough for everyone in the group.

 The following pictures show individual shelves.   Lots of toys, Christmas decorations and holiday spirit items.

After photographing this project again today, I realized I needed something behind the windows in the door.   I don't know what that will be, but I will come up with an addition.  

The following photo shows how narrow the container is.  

Scale is 1/12 scale.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 21 - Orlando Fun Day Toy Shop

A fun day by a miniature group is generally in coordination with a miniature show, workshops and one day devoted to one project.

In 2012, finished a project done in Orlando Florida of a toy shop.   I love toy stores.

This was a great project.   Lots of display room and lots of gift exchanges at the event.   I loved it.   Really a nice fun day!!!!  

Tomorrow I will do another toy shop done several years earlier in Sarasota.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 20 - Bookshelf ready for the Holidays.

I not only like to decorate all my minis in the Christmas theme, I love to do my real house in aChristmas Scene.

In miniature, I really like this bookshelf.   It is in 1/12 scale.   The bookshelf is in a little display frame.   The shelf has goodies to eat, two bottles of wine on the main shelf for entertaining.  It also displays gifts on the top and Christmas plates on the shelves.   When I don't have a main project to work on, I do things like make plates, wrap little pieces of boards to make packages.   You can't have too many presents for holidays.

The bottom shelf has part of my collection of snow men.   I love snowmen.   Now for the last 22 years I've lived in a location - Key West - that has never, I repeat - NEVER has had snow.   All my snowmen have to be faux snowmen.  

Packages (gift bags) on either side of the shelf.   For a small project, I am very pleased that it projects the spirit of the holidays very well.  The wallpaper is scrap book paper.   

Time to open the wine and have one of the sweets that are in the basket.  Yum!!!!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 19 - Toy shop in a clear paint can.

Well, I'm sure I've convinced you that I love miniatures and I love anything to do with Christmas and toys.    I found mention of these clear paint cans in one of the miniature groups that I belong to.   They come in gallon and quart sizes.   This is a 1/12 scale in a gallon can.

Well, of course I can explain.   

There are a lot of toys in this can.  There are some dolls bears, stuffed animals, etc.

The background is the front of a shopping bag.   I love all the boats, dolls, trucks, etc.   Such fun.  

A lot of toys were displayed on work bench that probably was intended for a garage workshop - oh well, I like it here.  

With the lid, the scene stays very good.   Might need to redo the poinsettia on the top, but it might clean up well this December.   Kids love this scene.   It is in 1/12 scale.

Come back tomorrow for more Christmas/Toy Scenes.