Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Re-exploring your town - August 2017 - The Harry S Truman Little White House

President Truman loved Key West.   He came 11 times during his presidency.   Amazing that his wife and daughter only came 4 times during the same period of time.  Perhaps it was the poker table that attracted  him to the Island.   

Unfortunately you can't take pictures in the Little White House - dignitaries still stay there occasionally and it is a security risk to let everyone take pictures.   I actually worked there as a tour guide in 1995.   When I quit that, my husband did it.   We both enjoyed it!!!   

Who can forget this headline.   He wasn't expected to win - but he did.   

Even if you can't take pictures inside, you can take them outside.

Margaret too!   

They have a really good gift shop of political and presidential things.   Might want to check it out for Christmas gifts.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Finishing another art and soul project -- a batik quilt

This past April I took a class from Judy Gula on making wall hanging quilts with batik pieces as the centerpiece.   I knew it had to be finish able, maybe not finished, but close.

Finally last Friday I finished it and got it on the wall.  Not too many more projects to do. 

So glad to have this one done.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

When Oh When is the collage finished?

In 2016 I went to Portland and took a class by Susan Schenk about collaging a bird.  Well my bird was a rooster.   I did this great rooster mounted on a map.  The beak was pointed at KeyWest.  Well, I loved it -- or so I thought.  Bought a new mat and frame, I decided it wasn't quite ready.   Well 18 months later I decided to take a chance and altered it.

Well here was the first version.

It looks like the picture I used as a model.  Technique was perfect but oh so boring

A little extra red paper, a longer beak  and more tail  feathers, I have one that is truly loved and framed and on my wall.  

He looks quite cocky!

My rooster wall!   

Remember it's okay to change your mind!

Monday, August 7, 2017

August OMB kits and more kits - Yeah!

 My kit stash has gotten out of control.  Spent the last few days working on kits.  Really excited about using them in projects.

  13 finished kits. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Re-exploring your Town - July 2017 - Mel Fisher's Museum

As I mentioned last month - a friend and I decided to revisit old favorites and new museums in Key West.   Key West is such a small island 2 x 4 miles but has tons of interesting things to see.

In July, we picked Mel Fisher's Museum.    Mel Fisher made a career of diving for lost treasures.  He speificifacclly was looking for the Atocha and every day his tone was - Today's the day.   


As a tease to all the great stuff that we saw there, enjoy the following pictures.   

Be inspired - TODAY'S THE DAY!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Group swap - Mel' Nautical

I belong to a yahoo group - Swap Shop.   Occasionally we do a group swap.  One of our members found this great assortment of crates and we all signed up for a piece of the scene.  I did the string of cork floats.  

The original scene.

The finished scene 


In an enclosed frame.  Now to find a place for it.   

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Re-exploring your town. - Key West revisited- June 2017 - The Custom House

I've lived in Key West over 23 year and it has changed a lot in those years.   A lot more people with traffic and busier life styles.  They had when I came here and they still have so many things for tourists to do and see.   They have lots of museums and a Friend, Margaret Gil, and I decided we would re -tour the museums in town.   In some cases it has been years and years (if ever) that we stepped foot in some of these.   I did a lot of touring of these museums when my son was still at home.   He was almost 9 when we moved here and with school events and scouting events, we managed to tour most of them.

Margaret and I decided we would go to The Custom House first.   They had a new exhibit about the Navy's presence in Key West.   We thought that sounded great.

Hope the pictures make you want to tour The Custom House too.   Don't want to post too many to spoil your visit.

In addition to the Navy exhibit - they have exhibits on Ernest Hemingway, the Civil War in the Keys and Mario Sanchez art to name a few.   A little taste of those exhibits.

Don't forget the sculptures as you enter and exit the Museum.  Really lovely.