Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

(Backup) Re-exploring your town - April 2018 - Custom House - Exhibit of Captain Outrageous

Captain Outrageous was very popular when I can to Key West.   He painted bikes, signs, and anything else he could put his hands on.   He had a very interesting life and created very interesting pieces of art.


While at the Custom House, Margaret and I explored the “From a Woman’s Hands” exhibit.  I had seen it a couple months earlier with my friend Michele.  

Lots of interesting pieces.   This exhibit used to be held at SoDu gallery.   I liked it better there.   

Key West is just loaded with great exhibits.   

Art show at the college

I absolutely love art shows at colleges.   Lots of talent on display and once in a while, things are for sale.  I have a few pieces of art in my collection that I have picked up at really reasonable prices.

This one was mostly ceramics and I always enjoy that.

I took ceramics several years ago and loved it.  One of the things I made was these little houses.   As a matter of fact, I made a bunch of them and no two were alike.   Still have 4 of them and enjoy looking at them.!!!  

Lots of talent at the school.

If you’re near a community college or other higher learning institution, contact them and find out about art shows.   It’s a treat to see what people are making.

These pictures were at the Lower Keys
Community College in Key West.

June OMB - Tea Time

As I’ve posted before - I love the One a Month Bunch Challenge on Quarter Connection.   It keeps me from leaving projects stranded in the closet shelves for too long.   I finish a quarter scale project every month and I love it!!!

I’ve had this tea pot for quite some time and was almost to the point of thinking I would never finish it when I decided a tea room would be perfect - Who would’ve thought?

Now what will I ever do in July 


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Re-exploring your town - March 2018 - Tennessee Williams Museum

Key West has always attracted lots of interesting people (after all - I’m here) but Tennessee Williams is one of the very most interesting.    

He spent many years here and wrote lots of interesting plays.    

Listing of plays.

Anytime you can add a doll house to a museum, I’m happy.   This was a lovely house.

I have a long list of ‘must see’ plays now and will try to find them on Netflix or Amazon.    I’m sure I can find most.

Re-exploring your town - The Aquarium - February 2018

My question this month “ Is the aquarium a museum?”.   Don’t know but we are treating it as a museum.   I like aquariums and hadn’t been to this one for about 18 - 19 years.    It was a great outing!!!

 Sheila in front of the shark tank

  Margaret with friend!

This poor turtle lost his front (fin, arm - I don’t know what it is called) and had to have a plastic one made to replace it.   Amazing what they can do.

The aquarium was great fun!!!!    I hope not to let so many years go by before going again.

When was the last time you were at an aquarium and where????

Re-exploring your town - The Oldest House - January 2018

I’m always thinking about the next stop on the “re-exploring your town” trips and one morning while having breakfast on Duval, I saw the “oldest house”.   It is very close to The Grand Cafe ( a great place for lunch or dinner) and I asked Margaret if she was interested.   She was.   It is a lovely old house filled with great things.   My favorite place is the yard.   Very well maintained and an interesting place to sit down and just enjoy the site.

I love this high chair.   

Mario Sanchez, a great Key West Artist, did amazing work.   Below is the sketch he did on grocery sacks before starting his carving.   Really lovely art.

I’d like to hear from you about our re-exploring Key West outings.   If you’re familiar with Key West, your suggestions are also welcome.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

How about a little cookie exchange???

A few years ago I tried to talk my sorority into doing a cookie exchange.   Well, long story short - not much interest.   However 3 of us thought it still sounded like a great idea.   We’ve been doing it ever since.   Still a good idea.  

Well a cookie exchange is great, but having lunch with friends even better.   Roostica on Stock Island was a great place to have it too.  

A very nice way to get ready for the holiday season.

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