Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March OMB

I am really a nut for market stalls.   I did two during March.   One a shell stall and one an apple stall.   I didn't use the stall that came with the kit on the apple stall but will use it in the future.   I love the shelf and I will look for more things to add to it and more to add around the base.   But  they are certainly cute.

Every other picture has a penny in he shot so you can get a good feel of the scale, 1/4 " scale.


Filled Suitcase Swap

Just recently I participated in a filled suitcase swap.   It was really fun and I received from really well done items.    Take a look.   The group that I participated in was a Yahoo Group - Swap Shop.   If you like acquiring more minis and want to participate, I'd rally recommend it.




These are the ones I did.   The one with the white shirt is mine.   I sent all the participants a hat and scarf if they wanted to add more to their suitcase.   Since I collect Raggedy dolls, I included one in each because I was sure they would want to take a doll with them.  

A close up.   These were so much fun.  

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Year of the Rooster or just a change of pace

I've loved roosters forever.   However, I am really out of wall space.   I had my living room wall, behind my husband's desk, with 3 posters on it.   Loved the posters.   The used to hang in my offiece before I retired.   Hated to see them go but was really in need of a change.


Well, they are now in storage and replaced with


Now, starting on the top left.   I did the 9  little collages, the 3 framed in black in the middle. And the tiny one just below them.   I did the big white and black rooster on a black back ground and I did the fifth one over from the left in the gray frame and I took the picture to the right of that one.   

I love roosters.   Now I'm ready to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rooster.

I love changes on my walls!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Change of Pace

I was going to post about changing out my Christmas Scenes and realized I hadn't posted here all my Christmas Scenes.   So there they are and then I'll move on.

All these room boxes, both 1/12 scale and 1/4 scale, were displayed in my living room from Thanksgiving weekend until New Year's Day.

They were a delightful display and I always look forward to Christmas to display all of them.

After New Years, I decided I would display Antique Shops.   So here goes:

Quarter Scale 
Quarter Scale
Quarter Scale

The quarter scale projects are labeled; everything else is 1/12 scale.   You can see I love the antique theme!!!!  

Sunday, December 25, 2016

November and December OMB

Have you missed me.  My one a month projects for November and December are done and both rather small.

November was an art shop

The art shop is small but fillled with stuff 

These little shops will be on my next big project === Main Street.   Still need hot dogs but they will be ready soon.

Stay tuned for more info on Main Street.  

Monday, October 31, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 31 - The Tease is Finished!!!

On October 4th, I posted about a customer of my husband wanted a Hunter's Den.   This is (about) finished.   There are a few pieces that I am looking for that will probably be added.    This was difficult because I couldn't find a wild boar and doing something for someone else is tricky because you can't read their mind in what they are thinking.   I did talk to him once over the month and found out a few specifics.   This project is more or less done.   It will change a bit, I expect, over the next couple of weeks.    I'd like to add a coat rack.   I  might add another plate for a friend.    Might add a person (although I generally don't add people).   If it changes, I will post a follow up.

One of the things I talked to him about was a favorite sports team. He's a hunter and likes to cook so I added a screen for a cooking show.  Their are a couple of cook books next to the chair.   One the wall is a picture of  a wild boar.   Several animals and a fish mounted.   An alligator next to his chair.   This project was fund and I am pleased with the way it looks. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 30 - Farm Houses

I absolutely love farm houses.   Have lived in one myself and loved it.   The following are two of my collection of houses.  

Another big house.     Big kitchen and living room.   I love the mantle with a glass front case on one side.   Lovely bedroom and nursery.

 Another look at the living room.   I love the gingham
 Beige is the color.   Side patio.   Look at the grill and umbrella table.  A fun place to hang out!!!!
 Another view of the side patio.
 Not much detail in the back, but a couple nice trees.
 The 2nd farm house is bigger and has a very full attic.    Attics are great places to store all those things that don't fit anywhere else.
 A animal theme to the bedroom.  Lots of animals and animal fabrics.

 Lots of great stuff on the porches.  
 See the red grill on the 2nd floor balcony.   I used the same grill on the other farmhouse.   They worked great and so much easier to make up a few grills at a time.
 I absolutely love the window boxes.  

As you can see, my house collection if well under my shop and room box collection.   I do like them, but so much more work goes into them.

Come back tomorrow and see my Hunter's Den Challenge.