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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowman Hutch

If you've followed me for very long, you know that I collect snowmen.   I have a lot of them.   But, can you have too many?   I don't think so.   You can see some of them HERE

I decided I had to do a hutch with little snowmen.

This little hutch has two types of snowmen plates, a basket with goodies, a plate with goodies and a napkin.   Lots of presents.   All in all, it is a cute little place for the 3 snowmen exhibited on the bottom shelf.     Oh what fun!   

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas

I've had this box for years and years and years.   Loved it and didn't quite know what I wanted to do with it.   Lately, it seems lots of people are doing little scenes.   Well, I can do this and use the box - so I did.  The wall behind the fireplace was the bottom of the box.   The sides and floor were covered with scrap book paper.   The box is about 3 inch square.   The scene is Quarter Scale.  

Merry Christmas to all!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dream Christmas (Almost a Nightmare)

 Last Summer I attended the Lakeland FL Fun Day and took several workshops.   The workshops were wonderful and I overextended myself.    I took one class and bought the kit for the other.   Well generally that would be okay.   I took lots of pictures of the project where I only bought the kit thinking I would go home and whip the kit together    Here it is about 5 months later and I wanted to have the "Dream Christmas" finished by Christmas.    Shouldn't have been a problem.   Here are the pictures I took.

This was a very pretty Christmas Scene.   Should have not been difficult.  

Well, for some reason, this kit didn't like me.   I wrestled with the columns and finally decided 'pitch the columns'.    I loved the window behind the tree and decided the tree hid one of the very best features of the room.     For those of you that know my posts, you know that changing some one's plans isn't generally a big deal for me and I routinely inject my own plans into some one project.   I really want to make my mark on this project.   Well, I did.   

Here is how it changed:

 This is the scene without the columns.   It's open.  I did use two square columns at each end of the curve to give it more support.   
 I put a picture behind the window and then put the tree in front of the window to give the effect that you could see a very snowy night .

The base was too big for the case I generally get and I added two little areas that I hope give the impression of hallways.   I used a piece of railing to highlight the living room.  

 In each hallway, there are little sub scenes.   A play area in one and plants in the other.   

 I add a corgi to lots of scenes.   I have two of them and they are great dogs.  
 This area with the chair and the skirted table gives a real good view of the door.   It makes a lovely, cozy setting.   
 Picture is a little fuzzy, but you can see the ferns in the other hall.
 It wouldn't be a Christmas gathering without food.   Lots of snacks and a little champagne.   
 A very cozy setting.  Gifts are beginning to pile up under the tree.  
This is a view of the whole scene.   I love Christmas and for years we always hosted the Christmas eve get together and this is my memory in a scene.   

Just had to share my little change.   The class was offered by Pat Gazie and I do hope she isn't disappointed that I changed her design - I just can't help myself.   Pat it is truly a Dream Christmas.   

Monday, November 19, 2012

ME Clock

If you've followed me for any time at all, you know that I love Mary Englebreit.   Pam Junk did a kit recently and I had to have it. It has a clock on top and a living room scene on the bottom.   She had included all the furniture for the bottom, but I decided I'd rather use some items I already had; I will use her furniture later for another project (I'm sure there are other ME projects in my future.

It is very hard to get an angle when photographing thru plastic.   The top picture is of the room without the plastic to shoot thru.   

It was a fun project.   I also didn't use the fabric that was included in the kit.   I had scrapbook paper of the same pattern and decided it was much easier.   

On to another project.   

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day of National Dollhouse Miniature Month

I want to thank all of you who have been following my blogs this month.   It has been great fun and I have received lots of great comments.   Thanks to those of you who have signed on as followers - I appreciate your interest and it makes me want to produce a better blog for you.

If you signed up for email updates, thanks.   I hope to keep them coming for you.

All month I have touted finished projects and additional enhancements to existing projects.   Today  I am going to break that with a great big 

The following neglected dollhouse has been mine for about 25 years.   My husband gave it to me and wondered why it took so long to put together.   It was hard work!!!!   It looked lovely, but Hurricane Wilma did a number on her.   That much humidity did nothing for the wiring and didn't help the wall paper.   Well when you neglect a project, it seems to get worse by the day.

These are all what I will call Before pictures, because in the next few weeks, I want to update the rooms, rearrange some furniture, add some things to each room and take away the out of date and/or damaged items.  

 She doesn't look too bad in this photo.   The table she is on needs a skirt so the storage doesn't distract from the house.   My theme for the house is Christmas Wedding.   
 This is the attic.   One side is to be a guest room, the other is storage.   I'm sorry you can't tell.   I've been planning this for awhile and as I acquire new lighting fixtures and new items, I've just been pitching them in the attic.   It looks like it has been ransacked.   
 This is the nursery.   Poor furniture tipped over.   Really needs some work.  

The bride in the bathroom is in dire need of some assistance.   The tub has become unglued and the poor bride has fallen over.   She needs a really nice  bath and she shall have it.  

The living room is a collection of more presents and things to enhance the Christmas wedding theme.    Really looks like someone has made a big mess; but will be fixed.  

 More wiring in the porch.   Needs some work. (to say the least)
 Master bedroom.   Needs some refreshing and all the toys picked up.  
 This is the father's den.  It is in the process of being set up with the gift table.   So far, not so good.  
One of the worst rooms in the house is the kitchen.   It really needs some help.  
I forgot to take a picture of the dining room, but I will include before when I post after.   

Stay tuned!

Thanks again for following my blog.   

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One More Little Project for the Month

I thought I wouldn't have time to do one more little project this month, but this one went together really well.

It is a little hat shop.   It took about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to finish.   I had the hats and the jewelry, mostly from previous swaps I've done.    The bright blue and bright red hats were made by Jan Stockwell.   You've seen her dolls in some of my blogs; her hats are great too.   The kit was offered through Quarter Connection and it was A Shoppe Vignette by Suzane Herget

 Notice the dime - this is a little shop.  
The kit came with a little plastic container so this scene should stay quite nice and dust free.   

Now, I have to admit to a mistake.   I got glue on the mirror and couldn't get it off.   Used a bit of nail polish remover and it took most of it off - still not too good.   Painted mirror with clear nail polish - presto - it looked like a brand new mirror.   Keep in mind when you are a little heavy handed with the glue.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's get out the decorations for Halloween

I love to decorate for holidays and in my house, decorating for Halloween is almost as much as I do for Christmas.    I try to get the decorations up on October 1st, transition then for Thanksgiving (a lot less items) then gear up again for Christmas.

What Halloween Holiday would be without my mini Halloween scenes.

My first Halloween scene was started in 2005 and you can read about it HERE   It was a long-term project.   It got put on hold due to Hurricane Wilma.   

I just love the holiday and like it done in many ways.   The next scene changed from 1 inch scale to quarter scale.

To find that original post, you and find it HERE.   It was a fun little project and I hope you find it fun.   

I hope you have a very Happy Halloween!