Re-exploring Key West

Monday, February 25, 2013

One a Month Bunch - Finished Project - Tropical Shotgun House

I belong to a yahoo group that promotes finishing those unfinished projects that linger around.   I think all of us who do projects occasionally find a project that just doesn't want to get finished and seems to linger around mocking you.

I have a cottage that resembles a shotgun house.   There are many of that style house in Key West.   I wanted a house that resembled the Key West Shotgun.

This is what I had on my shelf.   An assembled house - wallpapered and painted. 

I also had a basket of things that I thought might work when the house was finished.   These items sat there for months.   The 'one a month bunch' sounded like a good thing.  After I put my name on the list, I debated contacting the monitors of the group and asking them to take my name off the list.   Well, I am not a quitter so I decided to give it a shot and stay dedicated to finishing it.   Well it was finished last night - 4 days before the deadline. 

Finished House.   Furnished and landscaped. 

Dining Room  

Master Bedroom 

Guest room   


The front porch.   I think I could it there all day.   

The back of the house displaying a couple different types of 
palms and two trellis.  

The living room - lots of red (my favorite color).

The Kitchen. 

The back of the house.   I enclose some scenes in fish tanks.   They are really clear, well constructed, and they stack.   I cut Plexiglas the size of the top and then they are dust proof (or as near dust proof as you can get).

Back Patio - ready for a  barbecue.   And what would a Florida scene be without flamingos?
I am certainly happy that I didn't wimp out and have my name taken off the list.   Another project down and I am really happy about it.   

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wanda the Waitress at the Orlando Molly Cromwell Show

Today is the first of several postings about activities at the Orlando Molly Cromwell Show - Fun day.    It was held this last weekend and I had so much fun.   Made the 8 hour drive worth it.   The drive is very tiring, but the activities are oh so much fun.

I drove to Orlando on Thursday and met up with a couple of old friends, Mary Jo and Elaine and a new friend and went to dinner.

Early Friday morning I started Wanda the Waitress.   This class was taught by SHERRI COLVIN ~ NORTH CAROLINA.   Web address is .  

This is what we started with.

The kit came in this little box.

This was what was in the little box.
Little doll wired and clothing in process.

She's got her bloomers on.   She's not too

More clothing work. 
 She is dressed and wigged.  
She's ready for work and ready to serve. 
Look at the food.   Yummy!

She is a really dedicated waitress and I expect her customers love her. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Still Life - Toy Store with tip of the day.

One of the miniature groups that I belong to decided to recreate a store front of a toy store.   Mine is done (almost, I'm looking for something for the back wall), but done enough to post.

Here is the original picture:

I did mine in an assembled shop.   It was such a lovely white that I decided to not use the green.   Here is my interpretation.

Now here a tip for you.   When you are arranging a shelf or store window and you need to  build it from the front to the back, it can be real tricky.  

My suggestion cut out a piece of clear plastic the size of the shelf and arrange separately and then put in the proper location. 

The following two pictures are on a clear plastic sheet.   The 3rd following picture is the clear sheet. 

The following picture is with the back door open, gives you a better view of the shelves. 
 Another picture of the front.   This was a wonderful project.   Still looking for the right background - plain black doesn't seem to be quite right so will look at some scrapbook stores when I'm near them. 
On to the next project!