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Monday, February 4, 2013

Still Life - Toy Store with tip of the day.

One of the miniature groups that I belong to decided to recreate a store front of a toy store.   Mine is done (almost, I'm looking for something for the back wall), but done enough to post.

Here is the original picture:

I did mine in an assembled shop.   It was such a lovely white that I decided to not use the green.   Here is my interpretation.

Now here a tip for you.   When you are arranging a shelf or store window and you need to  build it from the front to the back, it can be real tricky.  

My suggestion cut out a piece of clear plastic the size of the shelf and arrange separately and then put in the proper location. 

The following two pictures are on a clear plastic sheet.   The 3rd following picture is the clear sheet. 

The following picture is with the back door open, gives you a better view of the shelves. 
 Another picture of the front.   This was a wonderful project.   Still looking for the right background - plain black doesn't seem to be quite right so will look at some scrapbook stores when I'm near them. 
On to the next project! 

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PILAR6373 said...

Me encanta!!! una fachada de juguetería preciosa y que bonitos juguetes!!!!