Re-exploring Key West

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August OMB QS - Little Cup Project

This cup has been hanging around for years and years and years.   It has been glued down with the stones.   It has been relocated between two or three storage areas and FINALLY, I got my act together to fix it.  
I've seen dozens of scenes done in teacups or coffee cups, but never seemed to have the guts to get mine done.  
It is now done.

There are very few angles where you can see the inside, but believe it or not, these both show scenes from inside.   I found a family room with a very large bookcase,   I didn't want it to just be the back of the cup. 
It's a little fishing cottage.   You can see the plants about to over grow the front porch.   There is a little water to the left of the scene; I don't think it shows up real well but there are leaves floating in the water.  
I absolutely love the OMB challenge.   Gives me inspiration to finish a project every month.   What ever will it be next month?    Follow my blog or subscribe to email updates so you don't miss it.