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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miniatures for June, July & August

This project is by far my favorite quarter scale project.   It was a plain box and i decided it would be a tribute to my mom who sold antiques for years.     I like the way you can see through the windows.     

 This shops sells plates, pictures, pottery and a lot of other stuff.   Still have a bit more things that would fit and sometime I will add more stuff (that what you do in antique shops).  
 One swap I participated in was antiques and I got a whole little box of pottery pieces.   I thought they should be grouped to show them off.   They are all in the front counter    
 Who could resist buying a plate with so many to choose from.    Don't you like the little brick that is exposed.   Love old buildings.  
 Doesn't the peek through the window make you want to go shopping.  

 The following project was a Dream Girl's Bedroom.   It was the Lakeland Miniature Guild's fun  day project in 2011.   Since I have one son, I thought doing a girl's room would be fun.   Lots of stuff to keep this little one happy.   This project is 1/12 scale.  
 Look at his precious thing showing off in front of her mirror.    She is having fun.   

 This little garden shed is quarter scale.   Lots of things going on.  Gardening stuff.  

Apparently it was too hot during these 3 months to do too much, but what I did, I love.  


FabShabbyRoses said...

Beautiful work! It was such fun seeing som eof your collection! Thank you for sharing! I love them all but my favorite is the little girls room!!! Sincerely, Carolyn

Teresa said...

Great looking projects! I love them!