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Friday, October 19, 2012

Miniatures for February

Yesterday I told you I did 24 projects during 2011.   January was very plentiful and February was too.    February I also did 3 projects.   I did the Lake Cabin, Thanksgiving (it was the 2010 name day kit) and French Country Dutch Baby House.   

This little house was special to me because it reminded me of the cabin my folks had when I was a child.   Not much space but we had a great time there.   I also wanted to try a technique that I had read about and that was making water from aluminum foil.   I was very pleased with how it turned out.   I also had 5 lights int he house - it really gives you a view of the interior.   

 This project should have been done in October 2010.   Well, that just didn't happen.    It took a while to get in the mood and that could a few months.   I love the Thanksgiving type meal on the table.   I also liked the idea of adding beads to the chairs, they look like rollers.   

 The first two projects were quarter scale.   This project is SMALLER than quarter scale.   I really hated doing it because it was very difficult.   Keep watching.  

 See the quarter.   The cabinet was very small.   AND very delicate.   
I love the concept of baby cabinets, but this scale is really difficult.   

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FabShabbyRoses said...

I absolutely love your baby house! I have one too and have collected stuff for it but haven't started it yet. I'm a bit afraid! LOL! Yours is just gorgeous! You did a great job!