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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Miniatures for March, April and May

In 2011 I made 24 miniature room boxes.   January and February were both very productive and I had a blog for each month.    Not quite so productive in the next 3 months so I will combine them.  The first two  and the last projects are 1/12 scale and the bookcase is  quarter scale.

 I had lost track of how many gingerbread houses that I had made and received over the years and thought they should be on display.   I had a 8x10 frame and I built a box to fit to it.   I had a great cabinets and a great table with a shelf built into it.  
 I love the hanging pot rack.  Have lots of copper pieces and thought it was great to display them.  
 Table top with baking items, candy, spices, gingerbread house etc.   Lots of activity going on in this kitchen,  
 All done, and enclosed behind glass o keep it from getting dusty.   
 A few years ago there were lots of gift bags that had clear fronts and a scene inside.    I had one and decided to put it inside a 1 gallon clear plastic paint can.   Loved the scene on the back wall.

Added a table with plates, glasses, wine, menus and now I have a place for the next customers.  

 I absolutely love decorating bedrooms.   When we had this project on quarter connection, many made a whole house - not me, a space for 4 bedrooms.  
 Love black and white so one room had to be in that theme.  
Thought a shabby chic bedroom would be great.
 This bedroom is essence of art deco.   The bed was a kit and the dresser I made.     
 Pink - love pink.   Thought it made a great bedroom.  
 This little trunk was originally a paper mache box without a lid that you would normally find in a trunk.   I made one.   Decorated each with my favorite wallpapers.   Wood furniture was all BLAH so I pulled knobs off dresser and spray painted everything.   Loved it.   The love seat and chair are projects that I did.   

As you know, I have a difficult time resisting anything Raggedy Ann and Andy.   I originally saw a really similar scene in quarter scale, but thought I would use what I had.   Oh, by the way, I did the bedspread and dust ruffle on the bed.   It as fun.   

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