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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lots of Miniatures a year - January

I love miniatures.   In case you didn't get that, I LOVE MINIATURES!   Last year, 2011, I did 24 miniature scenes.   I thought I would spend a few days and go through them by the quarter when possible and by month if there are too many of them.   

During January  of 2011, I did a Cocoa House, a Raggedy Ann & Andy Hearts and Lace House and Le Petite Connexion de Quart.   January was a very productive month.   The Cocoa house was great fun.   However, the hardest part was finding the cocoa container.   Once that was found, it was easy.   

 I made two pastry stands and filled them with cakes and pies etc.    

 I have an absolutely impossible time resisting anything Raggedy Ann and Andy.   (Hence the name Raggedy Kingdom for my blog).   This is a little two room cottage that is filled with Raggedy colors.   

 The little Raggedy Ann and Andy are Hallmark Ornaments.   They were absolutely perfect scale for this scene.    Andy even is right for the bicycle.   

 I love the French Quarter.   I actually honeymooned there and have been back more times than I can count.   This little shop is wonderful and I love it.  Hope you do too.   

Some months it is almost more than I can do to finish one project and then some times they just jump together.   I generally have several projects going at any one time and sometimes they all hover for awhile and then they all sort of finish up at the same time.    Here is January of 2011 projects.   Come back tomorrow for February.     

All these projects are quarter scale.   

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